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Oregon Ducks ponder news that rival Auburn used a pay to play scheme

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EUGENE, Ore. – Oregon Duck players and staff here at the University of Oregon are not publically responding after Auburn Tiger head football coach Gene Chizik said a recent HBO investigation is “garbage;" meanwhile, HBO's "Real Sports" stands by its report aired on Wednesday evening that some Tiger players claimed they were “handed thousands of dollars by boosters on a pay to play scheme."

American Idol Top 11 Redux Sees Lauren Alaina, Haley Rinehart Surge

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The "American Idol" Top 11 brought their best to the catalog of Sir Elton John Thursday evening in Hollywood, making it difficult for the voting audience for a second week in a row. Still, although all 11 did great, the girls seemed to dominate the competition on this go-round. But will that keep any of them out of the Bottom 3?

States Decreasing Unemployment Benefits Creating 99ers In 93 Weeks Or Less

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Those who are on the receiving end of unemployment benefits and their adjoining long-term extensions programs know that unemployment benefits are doled out by the states in which the recipients reside. Many of those states, led by Republican legislators, are looking to cut back on unemployment spending.

Bob Dylan's 1961 Spring Break anniversary remembered by loyal fans in 2011

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EUGENE, Ore. – One great benefit of the digital age is easy access to back issues of the New York Times on line here at the University of Oregon; for music critics and arts reporters, reliable reports from, say 50 years ago when Bob Dylan was breaking “into the business,” is very cool for fans who remember the young Dylan and now celebrate what he was able to communicate in his words and music.


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