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Casinos not betting on big profits in a time of recession as luck dries up

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FLORENCE, Ore. – Although the view that casino’s are recession proof due to the “distractions” they offer people in good times and bad, there’s growing concern in the gaming community that customer’s disposable income is shrinking and, thus, gamblers will have fewer dollars to spend on slots and other casino games, state recent reports from national casino chains that are feeling the pinch from this ongoing recession.

American Idol Top 11 Power Rankings - Is Pia Toscano The One To Beat?

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Pia Toscano has held the Las Vegas edge for the last couple of weeks among the "American Idol" hopefuls. After last week's shocking reveal that Casey Abrams had been voted off the show, however, odds and power rankings might not mean that much. Abrams had had fairly good odds to win the competition.

99ers National 'March For Jobs' For April 2 Gains Momentum

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Unemployed? A 99er? Do you have fears of becoming part of the jobless population? Tired of the political rhetoric that seems to do nothing to encourage or rectify joblessness in the U. S.? There is the idea being circulated that awareness of the numbers of jobless Americans should unite for a national March For Jobs.


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