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The Jolie - Pitt clan put one New Orleans deli in the news

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are reunited once again in New Orleans. Brad is on location filming “Cogan’s Trade” and he was in the “Big Easy” alone up until Angelina and the kids arrival this weekend. Angelina and the rest of the Jolie - Pitt brood have moved into their French Quarter home and the town is buzzing with Jolie - Pitt family sightings.

Bill O'Reilly Unconvinced: Ann Coulter Says Excess Radiation Good For You

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Ann Coulter has written that excess radiation might actually be beneficial to humans and act as a cancer preventive. She also argues that such theories aren't sensationalist enough for the media to report. But Fox News' Bill O'Reilly notes that sometimes worst cast scenarios, like the reports coming out of Japan, are responsible journalism.


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