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Wisconsin Senate Isolates Collective Bargaining and Passes in Separate Bill

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The GOP led Wisconsin Senate generated a bit of their own ‘creative politics’ Wednesday evening by extracting the section limiting collective bargaining within the controversial Budget Repair Bill, creating a new Senate Bill and passing it without any of the 14 absent Democratic Senators present.

Armenia Azerbaijan statement a good milestone in Karabakh peace journey

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The Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia met for a new round of Karabakh talks at the Russian ski-resort Sochi. This meeting concluded with another joint statement on furthering confidence-building measures, primarily in humanitarian issues. Some observers believe this is a good step towards regaining traction in the long journey to peace in this backdoor region of Europe.

Analysis: do the major video game consoles need a price cut?

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Video game and entertainment industry analyst Michael Pachter recently reiterated his long-running call for the big three game companies to cut the retail prices of their console systems, claiming now they will come in June - led by Microsoft cutting the Xbox 360's price - but HULIQ takes a critical look at this prediction.


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