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Armenia Azerbaijan statement a good milestone in Karabakh peace journey

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The Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia met for a new round of Karabakh talks at the Russian ski-resort Sochi. This meeting concluded with another joint statement on furthering confidence-building measures, primarily in humanitarian issues. Some observers believe this is a good step towards regaining traction in the long journey to peace in this backdoor region of Europe.

Analysis: do the major video game consoles need a price cut?

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Video game and entertainment industry analyst Michael Pachter recently reiterated his long-running call for the big three game companies to cut the retail prices of their console systems, claiming now they will come in June - led by Microsoft cutting the Xbox 360's price - but HULIQ takes a critical look at this prediction.

Fannie Mae's dirty little secret upsets low-income home owners

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Gardiner, Ore. – Home ownership conflict has become a natural state of affairs here in this former mill town located along Oregon's central and southern Pacific coast; thus, it's no surprise that the recession has hit the housing market hard, but what’s surprising are home owners pointing to what they call Fannie Mae’s “dirty little secret” of giving better breaks and customer service to banks and investors than to those who are struggling to keep their homes after a rash of recent foreclosures.


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