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Duerson suicide jolts NFL into concussion consciousness

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EUGENE, Ore., -- In the wake of Dave Duerson’s death wish that his brain be studied to help other pro football players – who may suffer as many as 15 or more concussions during their high school, college and professional playing careers -- "concussion consciousness” has become the talk of the town here in Eugene where the University of Oregon “Ducks” and a number of high school football teams play football.

UFOs sightings in Middle East tied to alien activity during times of conflict, said ancients

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – Uprisings in the Middle East are fueling uncertainty worldwide, and also fueling speculation among the world-wide UFO community that there may be some connection with recent UFO sightings over Manama, Bahrain, and also Taiz, Yemen and early this morning over Benghazi, Libya; while a group of Oregon UFO “watchers” here at Stonefield Beach point to ancient texts from India as explanation for what’s driving the freedom fighters.


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