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China faces its freedom fighters and the Ides of March with new protests

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EUGENE, Ore. – New unrest in China, witnessed by recent sweep of freedom fighters in the Middle East -- include such protests as the “Jasmine Revolution” and other freedom fighters efforts on the Internet -- have resulted in massive arrests throughout China. In turn, members of a Chinese American student groups here in Eugene, and various international student organizations, are concerned for freedom fighters with the “Ides of March, and new plans for protests.

What Have We Learned? Rodney King Beating by LAPD 20 Years Later

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Twenty years ago, on March 3, 1991, an event changed the world we lived in, however, it wasn’t a man named Rodney King being severely beaten at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department officers, but rather, the chance video recording of it by an observer in the street whose name was George Holliday.

Duerson suicide jolts NFL into concussion consciousness

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EUGENE, Ore., -- In the wake of Dave Duerson’s death wish that his brain be studied to help other pro football players – who may suffer as many as 15 or more concussions during their high school, college and professional playing careers -- "concussion consciousness” has become the talk of the town here in Eugene where the University of Oregon “Ducks” and a number of high school football teams play football.


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