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Relocating to Florida From Another State: Tips to Help With The Move

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Relocating to Florida

Moving is stressful enough even if it is within the same neighborhood, it can be overwhelming if your new home is thousands of miles away.
Making sure you are selecting the right area for your family, finding new jobs, new schools, organizing, packing in a short amount of time is no easy task.

More Jobs are Good, but They Also Mean Higher Mortgage Rates

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Mortgage Rates and Jobs

The Labor Department issues its Jobs report on a monthly basis and the numbers in recent months have indicated the economy is posting some of its strongest job gains in years. That is great news for the US economy after years of moderate to no growth. However, what is good for the economy often is not good for mortgage interest rates.

What's to Love About Upton Massachusetts

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Upton Massachusetts

When you begin looking to purchase a home in Massachusetts, you discover that there are a number of different towns and communities to choose from. Each has special qualities that lend to its appeal, but nowhere is this more true than in Upton. Small in size but generous in what it offers, Upton draws numerous families and professionals from larger nearby cities. This little town is a big draw for those that want the most bang for their buck and the many benefits of small town life.

Frustrated At Low Inventory In Mid Range Priced Homes?

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Mid range homes

My buyers are having a hard time finding property in the middle of the road price range. You ask them to make their highest and best offer when writing a contract but even that does not work. The situation ends up with multiple offers and you loose the deal. You have taken the time to show your client the homes they can afford, but wonder what does it take to make a sale and happy home buying customer?


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