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What's to Love About Upton Massachusetts

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Upton Massachusetts

When you begin looking to purchase a home in Massachusetts, you discover that there are a number of different towns and communities to choose from. Each has special qualities that lend to its appeal, but nowhere is this more true than in Upton. Small in size but generous in what it offers, Upton draws numerous families and professionals from larger nearby cities. This little town is a big draw for those that want the most bang for their buck and the many benefits of small town life.

Frustrated At Low Inventory In Mid Range Priced Homes?

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Mid range homes

My buyers are having a hard time finding property in the middle of the road price range. You ask them to make their highest and best offer when writing a contract but even that does not work. The situation ends up with multiple offers and you loose the deal. You have taken the time to show your client the homes they can afford, but wonder what does it take to make a sale and happy home buying customer?

A Strange Meeting With a Home Seller and A New Outlook on Personal Safety

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Amazed Real Estate Agent

This past week I have seen multiple stories about personal safety in the Real Estate Industry. One that stood out to me was a post by Hannah Williams titled “No Commission is Worth Your Life.” It is a reminder that as Realtors we face potential danger on a daily basis. This is the story of an agent that unexpectedly faced a danger when going to see a possible seller.

Refinance your High Rate Mortgage to Save Thousands in Interest

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Refinance a high rate mortgage

Homeowners who have mortgage rates higher than prevailing market rates may be missing out on a prime opportunity to put their family in a much more favorable long term financial position. Sometimes these opportunities don’t present themselves very often and right now with mortgage rates hovering near their all-time lows it’s a great time for homeowners to take advantage of the opportunity to lower their interest rate and their mortgage payment.

Do not buy a flip home without a good home inspector

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Watch out for 'flipper' homes

As a licensed home inspector covering Long Island and the five boroughs, I get to see a myriad of different homes from multi-million dollar sprawling estates in the Hamptons to 2 bedroom condos in Manhattan to little bungalow homes in Rocky Point. No matter what the price range, I find issue after issue - especially after a 'flipper' has done his thing.


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