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5 Best Tips to Use Instagram for Your Home Décor Business in 2021

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Use Instagram For Home Decor Business

How to Use Instagram For a Home Decor Business

Instagram helps your home décor business share rich visual snippets of the houses, shows how you designed, and how it changed your customers’ lifestyle.

It is a photo-sharing platform to help your brand to socialize and build engagement with your existing followers and potential customers. Did you know that Instagram appears more often in business briefs for home décor experts, interior designers, as well as architects?

Studies show that 83 percent of Instagrammers did find products or services through IG, which is an essential component of the digital marketing mix.

Therefore, most organizations are presently utilizing content showcasing as the ideal approach to produce a greater number of leads and increment their transformation rates than conventional advertising techniques.

Shoppers are relying increasingly more upon educational substance when settling on their buy choice.

Accordingly, home stylistic theme brands can fortify their image value and draw in with their possible clients by sharing their insight and tips in the business via web-based media and online websites, recordings, and so forth. By following these substance promoting procedures, you can help your online presence as a home stylistic layout brand.

According to an article published on, when 96 percent of brands are leveraging social networking platforms to boost their business, it is high time that you take the right steps to use Instagram for your home decor business in 2021. Here is how:

Use an optimized Instagram name for your business.

Use your email address to set up your home décor Instagram profile for valid reasons. If you register with your phone number, mobiles often are lost, hacked, broken, or numbers change. Therefore, your email is a better option. There is a possibility that you used your number for another account, and therefore, it is not available anymore.

Create your IG account with your email ID, something like [email protected], or something like that. It is smart to redirect all inbound emails to the customer service division and email access to your marketing department. This way, you can catch up on all inquiries, and you will receive prompt responses.

The next option is choosing your IG profile name and use up to 30 characters or so. Include an important keyword to the name to show up when someone searches for your home décor services. Next, you need to decide on the IG username, which is called the Instagram handle. IG username could be of 30 characters with numbers, alphabets, underscores, and periods unique to your Instagram profile.

Describe your home décor business briefly in the bio

Make sure your Instagram bio describes who you are and what your business is about, but briefly. You can use not more than 150 characters to write your IG bio and, therefore, be very specific in what you do. You can use 150 characters for a short paragraph or highlight the essential points related to the home décor business in bullet points.

You need to summarize with a few words about your business and use power words and choose them smartly. The bulleted point format is the best way to go about it because you can say more in points than writing unnecessary words in a paragraph.

When your profile is set up, you can start publishing content and get comments on Instagram from genuine human accounts.

Publish IG content at the right time

You need to post your home décor content on Instagram at the optimal time. You need to post when more of your followers are active on IG, but not that much that your content vanishes in a sea of feeds and competition.

Choose the time when your audience would be online in their time zone. Publish the best quality photos and videos when your followers wake up, go for a morning walk, eat lunch during the afternoon commute, and of course, in the late evenings.

Choose a perfect time that makes sense to post your home décor visuals. Once you post consistently at the same time, people would get used to your schedule and keep watch on your Instagram posts.

Choose the best IG image dimensions.

Instagram lets you publish photos in three varied page orientations, horizontal, square, and vertical. You might be wondering which orientation is best for your home décor IG account and which appeals to your target audience the most. The visual experience may differ from one person to another, but as far as IG image orientation is concerned, vertical is the best and then square.

Your followers view your home décor content on Instagram, mainly on their smartphones with a vertical orientation. It means such orientations display your IG feed with more clarity and details, thus performing better than square images.

When it comes to horizontal orientations, they work some of the time, but you should post more content adhering to vertical orientations. It is crucial for home-décor product visuals.

Support your IG photos with the right captions

Always write appropriate captions for home décor photos to speak directly to your followers. Captions educate, engage, and entertain your target audience. Your IG posts can have 2,200-character long captions, implying that you will get loads of opportunities to generate interest in your visual content on Instagram. You can tell an interesting story or answer questions of your audience through your captions.

Having an expert photograph of your items or plan thoughts in a specific setting is far superior to a solitary item picture. In the event that you need your clients to feel more associated with your image, utilize a top quality picture that will interest your optimal client.

Web-based media has become a gathering for individuals to express their genuine thoughts, voice suppositions on points, and just to vent. The drawback of this is that there's a dim underside to online media where individuals can be impolite, mean, and in any case, negative.

We realize we don't need to disclose to you this, yet web-based media presents an extraordinary chance for you to establish a conscious and kind climate.

Be a hidden treasure and spread positive energy in your social channels. Your social posts are an augmentation of your image. Thus your presents should hold others on a better quality of conduct, style, and social connections.

Conclusion Using Instagram

Now that you have these tips for using Instagram for your home décor business use them to build engagement, increase likes and comments, and generate leads.

About the author: The above article on using Instagram for a home decor business was written by Randy Stark. Randy has been advising digital marketers for more than a decade, based on his own long experience with well-known brands like Insta4likes and others.

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