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6 Benefits of Working With a Realtor

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Selling a house can be a highly complicated matter depending on how everything goes throughout the process. Title issues can arise that seem impossible to overcome. Maybe everything is fine on your end, but the buyer is a major pain to deal with.

The steps involved in determining the price of your home, promoting the property, and closing the deal itself can be overwhelmingly daunting to a homeowner.

However, involving an expert in the field can help guarantee that you can sell your home without major hiccups. Hiring a professional real estate agent is your solution to make things easy. A Realtor takes the load off of your shoulders by handling every step of this process.

Real Estate agents are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to navigate the industry's headwinds and emerge on the other side with a closed deal. If you're planning on buying and selling a home at the same time, they might even be able to help you find an off-market property.

When real estate markets favor sellers, the selling aspect is pretty straightforward. Finding your next home in a low inventory environment may not be so simple. Having an agent that is well connected to find your next home can be especially beneficial when buying and selling simultaneously.

Why Realtors Are Helpful

A Realtor has the same goal in mind that you do: they want the property sold for as much as possible. Realtors are your partner in crime when preparing to sell a property. They bring knowledge to the table that can help you overcome obstacles through the process.

Here are 7 impactful benefits of working with a Realtor when selling your house.

1. Realtor Credibility

Getting yourself a Realtor who is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, for example, adds to the credibility of closing a deal. To reach this point, a Realtor has gone through classes and courses that are specific to both national and local real estate regulations.

This includes topics like ethics within the real estate industry. It is important that when you hire a Realtor, they represent you and only you if that is what your agreement with them says.

When searching for a realtor to hire, look up their reviews to make sure that other homeowners have had success working with them. This is a way for you to verify that they are the right fit for you, and will provide quality service.

2. Pricing Your Home Accurately

With all of the different online tools, like Zillow and Redfin, it is challenging to know what to price your home at before selling it. There is so much information, and it’s usually not identical to other sources.

Accredited Realtors are professionals when it comes to setting accurate prices for houses. They do a great job in helping you set a reasonable asking price since they understand the local market trends.

By pricing your property too high, you can scare away buyers and ultimately self-sabotage your own listing. They also possess current information on price fluctuations anticipated in your region. This can help you decide on the perfect price to start your home at.

Make sure that you review comps with your realtor before making your final decision on price. You must base your price on facts within your local market, as well as the knowledge that your Realtor possesses.

3. Marketing Your Property

Spreading the word about the sale of your property is arguably one of the most difficult parts of the process. In today’s world of real estate, it’s not always as simple as placing a for sale sign in the front yard.

You are competing against other realtors in the area to make your listing stand out. The goal is foot traffic. If you can get people in the door, and eyeballs on the listing, you increase the chances of getting more offers.

Open houses are an extremely useful tool that many realtors implement during the sales process. Some buyers have to thoroughly walk through a property and feel what it’s like to be inside before buying it. Others are ok looking at a virtual tour online and making an offer. Either way, your Realtor can help deploy creative marketing strategies to get your home the highest possible value.

4. Vetting Buyers

Dealing with tire kickers is a huge waste of time. A realtor provides a homeowner much-needed security blanket by weeding out any potential scammers and buyers that are not serious.

When working with a real estate agent, you can have them set parameters to allow only qualified, vetted, and approved home buyers to view the house. Vetting buyers is a process in itself. A realtor not only offers professional help in evaluating a buyers' offer, but they also help handle the negotiating for you once you narrow it down to a few potential candidates.

5. Understanding Legal Framework

Selling any type of property comes with tons of paperwork. There are legal hoops to navigate around every corner of the home-selling process.

Most ‘everyday’ homeowners do not possess the legal expertise to navigate all the contracts and regulatory requirements involved when selling a home. For example, a simple mistake like failing to disclose a certain known hazard within the home may blow up the deal later if the buyer finds out what happened. This could cost you money if you still want to sell your place.

6. Attention to Detail

As a seller, you are more likely to overlook and pass over your house flaws compared to a professional in the real estate world. It makes sense, right? Realtors live and breathe this stuff every day, and are accustomed to looking throughout certain parts of contracts for specific details. This is invaluable to a person selling their house.

Not to mention, a Realtor is more objective and less emotional about the actual property, making it easier to offer guidance from a business standpoint. This will help you keep more money in your pocket.

You may need to fix a few things around your house before selling it. A Realtor will tell you this directly if it’s the best financial decision for you to make.

Final Tips: How To Increase A Home's Resale Value

Typically, a homeowner’s goal is to sell their house for the highest possible value. Here are several final tips on things you can do, or hire out, to put more money in your pocket when you go to sell:

Remodel a few key spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom
Repaint the interior and exterior of your home
Enhance your landscaping
Deep clean your entire home
Patch up holes and cracks in the walls and ceilings
Fix any broken appliances and HVAC systems

If you want to win the attention of a buyer's agent, or any prospects out there, you must prepare your home properly and list it with a Realtor. These real estate professionals add value to your transaction in a way that could not happen by relying on your instincts and whims alone.

The benefit of working with Realtors is that they only receive the commission once the house sells and not before. You only pay them once the communal goal is reached. Vet your Realtor properly before hiring them, and trust that they will make the process as easy as possible.

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