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Tips For Moving in With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Moving in With Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Advice For Couples Moving in Together

Finding love is hard. They’ve written about this in all the songs on the radio, right? How do you know when you have found “the one”?

A promising sign is when you feel you know enough about your partner that it would be advantageous to both people if you moved in together.

Many logistical items need to be accounted for when cohabiting, though. You want to figure out how to save on some expenses by combining your financial weight and bearing the issues that arise together.

Insurance for unmarried couples
is a possibility that every pairing should study and act upon. Will, you both be working, and if so, who is responsible for the household chores that are now double what they were when you lived as a single person?

Moving in with someone changes the entire equation and dynamic of any relationship, and it can supercharge emotions in a romantic one.

Clearly communicating the challenges ahead will do wonders for both of you before any trouble can arise. No matter how much you think your partnership is bulletproof, there will always be problems that occur if you don’t plan ahead.

We’ll give you some of the best tips and advice for purchasing a living space as a new couple, putting up with the psychological toll that mounts when working as a team, and the fun and enjoyment that everyone should enjoy while cohabiting.

Figure Out What Type of Home You Want

You were probably living in a small apartment or alternative living space as a single person, but now that there are two of you, the discussion has to include how much bigger the home will be.

Do you have enough money to buy a house? Are you still more comfortable with apartments or rented living?

There are so many different factors to consider that it can get a bit overwhelming. Is a condo or townhouse the right move, or would a single-family home be a better option?

Make sure you communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend and not let the excitement of moving in together create a situation where you overstep your means.

If you don’t have children, pets, or many visitors, it’s probably not wise to buy a large house, even if you have the pocketbook to do so.

Owning a property instead of renting it is such a tall task to attend to, so move one foot forward at a time and weigh all the pros and cons sufficiently.

Decide What Expenses Can Be Combined

As we already mentioned, there are many benefits to living together that you didn’t have before moving in. Car insurance can be combined for unmarried couples if they drive the same vehicle or have separate ones but live in the same house or apartment.

Budgeting for food and entertainment should also be considered differently than before. When dating first begins, many people feel they want to take the reins of the relationship and pay for most expenses.

Chivalry isn’t dead, believe it or not. Once you move in together, coming to a shared expense agreement should be one of your initial priorities.

This doesn’t mean that you have to combine bank accounts or tie all your assets together. It wouldn’t be fair, though, for one person to do all the heavy lifting because that’s a recipe for disaster in a partnership.

Sharing the responsibilities of a union, even if it’s not yet legally binding, will set both of you up perfectly for taking more steps forward in the successive years.

Put Your Personalities Into The Home

How you choose to use your living space or decorate it says a lot about who you are and how you communicate with your partner. You can no longer paint your bathroom brown if the Mr. or the Mrs. is repulsed by the sight of dirty colors while cleaning their body.

Compromise on what makes both of you most comfortable when living together. Pick out a space or portion of the apartment or house that is solely for each individual’s me-time. Don’t lay your video games all over the place when you could create a den just for the bros to duke it out with Super Smash Bros.

Moving in together means you are ready to share a lot more of each other’s lives. The quirks, odd habits, and offbeat schedule musings you didn’t know existed are now a part of your life. You should hash out these topics before moving in to know it’s time for this next big step.

You should figure out what you need in your home together. Have a look at some of the great tips from Ownerly on some of the items you should consider.

Communicate with one another regarding household responsibilities and divvy up the work accordingly. For example, you give the dog medicine while your significant other washes the dishes. You bring the car to the auto shop while they go grocery shopping.

Get as Much Help as You Need

Ask your family and friends for some advice about what it takes to come together successfully under one roof. Experience is the best teacher in life, and you often take that for granted when you haven’t undergone or come to understand these trials and tribulations as of yet.

Invite loved ones and confidants over for dinner to split up some of the awkward newness of living together. Try to do things that made you happy before moving in, and remember that your relationship is not fundamentally different from before this new milestone.

What made you happy in the first place? Did you love going to sporting events while first dating? Go to a football game, and if you need some space after that, have some fun with other platonic friends later in the day. Everyone needs some space. Living together can make you feel both physically and emotionally claustrophobic.

Whatever problems you face that may feel impossible to overcome at the beginning of living together, you must exercise patience for both yourself and your partner. You can’t move forward in a relationship until you move in together and start to understand another person’s lifestyle truly. Hence, it is necessary to do this in the right direction.

About the author: The above article on couples moving in together was written by Shawn Laib. Shawn writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, He enjoys helping people of all ages understand how they can come together to share their lives and the financial implications of that decision.

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