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Why You Need Professional Real Estate Photography To Sell Your Home

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Professional Photography to Sell a Home

Using Professional Photography to Sell a House

In the last decade, property listings and real estate marketing have shifted from traditional print advertising towards Internet-based platforms.

In a 2022 report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), it was found that 95% of all buyers across the different age demographics used the Internet to search for homes, while 51% found the home they ended up purchasing on the Internet.

It has completely changed the way home buyers and sellers interact with real estate listings, and owners and real estate agents alike have had to adapt to these changes or risk losing out.

So if you’re selling your home, you’re likely looking for ways to make it stand out from the competition. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to invest in professional real estate photography.

It is one the primary responsibilities of a listing agent.

Why use professional photography for real estate?

First impressions last forever, so why not ensure that you make the best one possible?

A professional real estate photographer will not only take high quality photos of your home, but they will also use the right techniques to make sure that your home is presented in the best possible way. This can make a big difference in how potential buyers perceive your home, and can even help you to sell it for a higher price.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons why you need professional real estate photography when selling your home.

1. Makes your property listing stand out

It almost goes without saying that including professional property photos in your listing will be more impressive - but we understand the temptation to go the DIY route. After all, with the top-of-the-line cameras that are built into our smart phones, it should be easy to take your own listing photos at no extra cost.

The truth is: a lot more goes into taking professional photos than you think. There is a lot to consider, from styling the space to be appealing to a wide audience to photography specifics like angles, light sources, composition and so on.

If you are an amateur photographer, you may not know much about what light temperatures are best, or if you need to invest in wide angle lenses to best capture the space or not.

A professional photographer with real estate photography experience will be able to highlight the selling points of your property and showcase it to its fullest potential, giving you a competitive edge over the majority of grainy phone photos or simple point-and-click shots that don’t display the properties flatteringly or honestly.

2. Improves the quality of your property listing

According to the 2022 NAR report, 84% of all home buyers said that they found real estate listing photos the most valuable component in their search for prospective properties.

By investing in professional real estate photography, you can easily make your property even more attractive to a wider pool of potential buyers.

Professional real estate photographers with good experience will also be able to guide you on styling your property to suit the purpose, or recommend virtual staging to get the best results.

It also has the added benefit of making you and your real estate agent look genuine, professional and reliable as a home seller.

By nailing that first impression that potential buyers will get from your professionally curated listing, you can attract many more buyers and negotiate for a higher purchasing price.

3. Boosts the value of your home

If you’re worried about how the professional real estate photography prices will affect your expenses, forgoing that extra step might end up costing you far more.

A well-presented property is far more likely to sell for a higher price than a basic listing, and is the easiest way for any home seller to negotiate the best possible price with the least amount of effort.

Another real estate photography tip that can help drive up the value is investing in different marketing strategies.

While it isn’t advisable to fall for every gimmick, the rise in popularity of technology like real estate drone photography and aerial photography can help your real estate listing look more professional and profitable.

43% of all buyers also appreciate the inclusion of virtual tours as part of the property listings.

Virtual tours and aerial videos are a great way to showcase the size and dimensions of the property and its surrounding areas, giving buyers a better idea of what your property has to offer.

4. Helps you sell your home faster

Using professional photos creates a great lasting impression that attracts more buyers, and more buyers means increasing the potential for a quick and successful sale.

By using professional real estate photography, your listing is immediately more eye-catching and gives a more attractive and thorough impression of your property.

Potential home buyers will automatically assign more value to listings with great photos than those with just a few photos of low to average quality, which will give them the incentive to move faster and snap up your property without delay.

Remember, nothing attracts serious buyers more than a beautifully presented home that they can see themselves living in!

5. Saves you a lot of time and effort

There’s a reason that being a professional real estate photo is it’s own job: it takes a lot of hard work, specialized knowledge and time!

As a home seller or real estate agent, you already have enough on your plate with the rest of the selling process to focus on. If you’re in the process of moving or buying another property as well, that’s even more reason to outsource this job to the experts.

Taking real estate listing photos involves a lot of steps, from the technical side of shooting the space and figuring out everything from angle to natural light balance, to the finishing touches of editing, sizing and formatting the photos so that they’re ready for listing.

By hiring a professional photographer, you can leave this important step of the selling process to them, so that all you have to do is pick your favorites and upload.

Are professional real estate photography costs worth it?

It’s clear that the benefits of professional photography for real estate listings far outweigh the costs, and that initial financial investment will ultimately be worth it.

If you have a property manager looking after your property, they often offer professional photography as part of the services for a lower rate than regular market prices.

Professional real estate listing photos will also make great marketing collateral in the future, making it a great long term investment with multiple purposes for real estate agents.

Using professional real estate photography in your listing is a tried and true method of selling your home faster and for a higher price, making it a highly recommended option for average home sellers and real estate agents alike.

About the author: The above article on needing professional photography to sell a home was written by Sashini Rodrigo.

Sashini is a qualified media and communications professional with a background in sales, marketing and feature journalism. She is currently using her copy writing skills to explore the world of property management, with experience working with leasing advertising and digital marketing.

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