American Hoggers, Robert’s Blood Spilled in Louisiana

On a new installment of A&E’s American Hoggers, the Campbell clan sought new business in Louisiana and disaster struck when Robert got bitten by a feral hog.

Jerry Campbell bemoaned the state of the economy in Texas and realized that he had to branch out to keep his decades’ old hog hunting business alive.

On “Best Laid Plans, American Hoggers switched locations to the swamp and marshy land of Louisiana, where a turtle farmer is losing eggs to nightly hog attacks.

Update: Learn how the Louisiana expedition ended on “Old Dogs New Tricks”

The whole family along with the dogs, horses, Jerry’s Jeep and multiple pickup trucks made the trek eastward where they found unfamiliar terrain and learned about a different type of farming.

The customer explained that he breeds turtles for their eggs and after harvesting them they are shipped off to China. His business is decades old but hogs devouring his turtle eggs is new.

The bickering between siblings Krystal and Robert took a bit of a breather as the whole team tried to hunt without any understanding of the difficult conditions.

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Used to the dry Texas plains, the deep vegetation and wet ground made it almost impossible to follow the dogs when they picked up a hog’s scent.

The hounds lost a hog that was in their sight as the vegetation seemed to swallow one that was on the run.

Jerry’s Jeep and even the kids’ horses proved unreliable as some areas of the farmland started to feel like a jungle.

When the dogs finally found and surrounded a hog, Robert was closest and in trying to grab its hind legs the animal reached around and took a big bite out of the young Campbell’s finger.

Gushing blood and yelling about the pain, Robert looked to his father for help. For once, Jerry seemed to be without a solution.

“Louisiana is hell on earth,” the grizzled hog hunter said. “What the hell have I gotten myself into this time?” Viewers wondered the same thing.

The fact that the hunters wage their war with their bare hands has always been a bit perplexing. None of them wear gloves of any kind, not that a glove would have prevented Robert’s injury.

It was a bad spate of luck for Jerry Campbell. His trusty old pickup truck, nicknamed Possems Cod caught fire and had to be put out of its misery after decades of service.

Then came the difficult conditions in Louisiana and his son’s injury. A profane man when things are going well, Jerry let loose with some classics.

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