Animal Lovers Choose Pets Over Alimony And Presidential Candidates

PetMD surveyed 1500 pet owners last month to measure pet owner loyalty.

Dating, politics and friendships are influenced by pets and pet ownership. The survey found 90 percent of pet owners would choose their pets over money in a divorce and 66 percent would reject a presidential candidate who is perceived not to like pets.

Pet owners are extremely loyal to companies that support animals. 15 percent said they’d automatically buy products of a company that supports a pet charity over products from a company that doesn’t. 65 percent said they’d buy from a company that doesn’t support animal charities if product quality and prices are the same.

In romantic relationships, 90 percent of pet owners said they’d fight more passionately for their pets than they would money in a divorce. 60 percent of pet owners would be totally turned off and decline a second date if a date didn’t like pets. 30 percent would try to change the potential mate’s mind about pets before dumping him or her. 10 percent said they’d date the non-pet lover a second time.

In what are hopefully platonic relationships, 73 percent of pet owners surveyed said they’d choose their pet over a human if they could have only one best friend.

90 percent of pet owners overwhelmingly feel it is important for children to grow up around pets. Overwhelmingly, pet owners feel that their pets are family members. Oddly and interestingly, 25 percent of pet owners reported having tasted their pet’s food, perhaps in a similar manner to the way a parent tastes baby food.

12 percent of pet owners worry about veterinarian expenses. 25 percent, however, are concerned that they’re pet will get sick. The survey revealed that most of the participants are actively involved in their animals’ lives. 22 percent of those interviewed said their pets spend too much time at home while 20 percent fear that their pet is truly unhappy.

Pet health and wellness are among pet owners’ top worries, but education, many feel is a priority in maintaining pet health. 34 percent said they have excellent knowledge of what’s best for their pets.

The survey found that pets aren’t perfect and indeed share the trait of imperfection with humans. 53 percent of pet owners wish their pets could clean up after they go #2. And 3 percent wish their pets would feed themselves, but 50 percent of pet owners wish their pets could brush their own teeth.

With regards to scratching and shedding, a whopping 53 percent of pet owners said that scratching and shedding drive them most crazy about their pets. But on the other hand, the tolerance of pet’s scratching and shedding are the primary reasons pet owners have formed a community of their own. Not many are willing to make such sacrifices to accommodate the lives of animals.

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