Big Projects To Improve Property Value

Have you finally accomplished your dream of property ownership? Perhaps you have been saving up to cover a down payment on a home in Ashville, Ohio for years and finally took that big step.

Now that you own a property, you are building equity with each mortgage payment and have the freedom to make whatever changes you feel are necessary to maximize your investment. 

The general rule of thumb with owning property is that it appreciates over time, but this is only true if you take good care of it.

However, even this mild growth may have a small impact on the property’s future value. If you want to really ramp up property value, then you need to invest in some projects.

Home improvements and property upgrades are popular strategies to increase resale value. Whether you own commercial property, raw land, or residential property, investing in big projects can be a smart use of your resources.

Here are some bigger property improvements you can make to your Ashville, OH investment to increase its value.

Add A Separate Living Space

Extra income opportunities can make a property far more attractive to potential buyers.

Even if the next owner is not interested in renting out a living space to a tenant, they may have an aging family member who needs to be looked after.

Building a separate living space on your property will add a lot of value because certain buyers will be willing to pay much more for that feature.

You could build a tiny home in the backyard that can be used as a vacation rental. An addition to your house can create more privacy for potential tenants.

Even a spare room can be rented out if you make enough changes so that it is comfortable for another person to live in. 

Build A New Deck

Within the past several years, people started spending more time at home than usual. Many workers hold remote positions that let them work from home.

In this new era, the urge to get a change of scenery can be very strong, and if you have an outdoor space to enjoy on nice days, then the value of your property will also increase.

Perhaps it is time to replace an old deck or build an entirely new one. A deck is a great combination of indoor comfort with an outdoor atmosphere.

You can ramp up the comfort with decor and furniture while still taking advantage of the sunshine and the fresh air. Plus, the value of the home will increase because of the new deck. 

Put Up A Pole Barn

Perhaps you have a pretty large plot of land in Ashville, OH, and you are not sure what to do with it.

An additional structure could be the solution to meet your own goals and increase the property’s value. A pole barn is a rectangular building that is held up by a post framework.

It is often used as storage, a hobby barn, or for agricultural purposes. By putting a pole barn building on your property, you will create additional interior square footage that can serve multiple functions, making it a valuable investment when you consider selling the property in the future.

Be mindful of the materials you use because some are made to last while others could be prone to rot or wet weather. 

Shape The Landscape

Landscaping is an important element in property ownership. Homes and businesses alike have greater curb appeal when great care is put into the landscape.

The key is to invest in the right landscaping projects. Adding a patio is a very appealing option that makes hosting easier and elevates the beauty of the backyard.

If you have an area of the property that struggles with weeds and overgrown grass, it could be worth the trouble to dig it all up and place down some weed barriers and rocks in its place.

A nice touch to add to any property would be a water feature, particularly an artificial stream or pond that blends in with the surrounding environment, making it the centerpiece of the property’s outdoor space. 

Improving A Property Takes Work

There are many reasons why increasing property value in Ashville, OH, can benefit you.

The most obvious is that you can sell the property in the future for more money and recoup much of your investment and then some.

Another benefit is the ability to borrow against that equity to finance other initiatives. No matter the purpose of improving your property, big projects can have a huge impact on this variable.

As long as you research the project you are interested in and know how to get it done efficiently, these improvements will benefit you in the long run. 

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