‘Cajun Justice’ Recap, June 28 – S1 E6 ‘Cursed’ By Voodoo?

It’s back to Terrebone Parish and “Cajun Justice,” with the second new episode A&E broadcast on June 28: “Cursed.”

It if sounds like an episode dedicated to voodoo, you’d be right. The new episode blurb is:

“The rich culture of Southern Louisiana is steeped with Cajun folklore and superstition.

Weeks earlier, Deputy Tom Arnold was cursed by a suspect; he must face the fact that this voodoo curse is affecting him.

After grappling with one mishap after another, Tom seeks the help of a voodoo priestess.”

A&E broadcasts two new episodes on Thursday nights, at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET.

Those who recall Arnold’s episode a few weeks ago will remember that he was cursed by a suspect.

While most of the rest of the department joked about it, Arnold, a California native, wasn’t so sure.

He said he has been getting a lot of colds (more than normal), problems sleeping at night, and more. “Things have not been right.”

The locals believe that voodoo is more about psychology. Humorously, one says “It works on weak minds, real bad.”

Another says, “If you think that you got a curse on you, well then you gonna have a curse on you.”

He gets a call about a burglar, but when he gets there, the place is abandoned.

There’s no way the house has an alarm, either. Things are strange in other ways, as he can’t make contact by radio.

He calls using his cell phone, instead. Even that fails. Is it the curse?

He then gets a flat tire as he drives back. As he says, “I give up.”

Back to Tom, who has freaked to the point that he has contacted a voodoo priestess from New Orleans.

He wants her to remove the curse, although he doesn’t believe in it. He just wants to be safe.

After the “curse” is lifted. she tells him, “Everything is settled.”

She says “Voodoo is real. He need to be fixed. I think that he does believe.”

After hearing about Tom’s “fix” though, the rest of the office pranked him. They stuck a “voodoo doll” on his car seat.

In the second segment on the episode, we see Lt. Merlin Daigle. He’s a shift-commander and has 14 deputies that work under him.

It’s back to Little Caillou, as there have been reports of shots fired from a vessel (there is a fight between two different shrimp vessels), and water patrol is en route and asking for Daigle’s presence.

D.J. is there, and Daigle is to back him up.

They are arguing over the location; one of the boats fired a shot and the other boat owner says it nearly hit his wife.

Miss Kayla is the one who was shot and and who called the sheriff’s office. It turns out it was a shotgun.

As a local says in an interlude, “First guy that gets there, kinda his until he gets done. That’s the etiquette of shrimping.”

D.J. orders the boats to dock, so they can discuss the incident. But as the second boat pulls out, things escalate again.

Naturally, the man who fired the shot, despite claiming he shot it into the water, is taken to jail for illegally discharging a weapon. That’s not the end of the story, though.

Later that night, about 9:32 p.m., we focus on the Lt. again. We also focus on at least one of the families from earlier in the day.

Their boat is on fire, and it looks like arson. The family that has seen their boat set afire is the other family, not the one that had a member go to jail.

As you might expect, the theory is that the fire is retaliation. That said, the fire chief said it was an electrical fire.

To that, the family said “You can smell gas coming off the boat, are you f* me?”

The chief, however, is sure. WIthout a doubt, it was an electrical cord running from the shore to the boat that started the fire.

Bad luck? Perhaps, but they won’t believe it – at least for a few days.

Still, it fits in with the episode’s theme.

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