Captain Sig’s Voice Starring In “Cars 2” As Crabby The Boat

“Deadliest Catch” captain of the Northwestern fishing vessel Sig Hansen lends his voice to the role of Crabby the Boat in Disney Pixar’s “Cars 2.”

Crabby is a new role and character in the Disney movie. Crabby the Boat is designed like Captain Sig’s popular Northwestern Boat from the Discovery TV show “Deadliest Catch.”

Disney Pixar doesn’t have an official description of Crabby the Boat other than it’s an animated version of the Northwestern.

Watch the Disney Pixar official “Cars 2” trailer here.

Of the many fishing captains on the “Deadliest Catch” Captain Sig of the Northwestern is applauded by audiences as a cool, inspiring and inspired Captain.

Captain Sig’s role as the voice of Crabby the Boat adds a new dimension to Captain Sig whose film clips display him as a man focused intently on getting crab and getting home.

Sig is widely admired for his aloof professionalism, success at sea fishing expeditions and managing a good natured crew including his brother Edgar’s comical tendency to be really difficult.

Edgar is often the total opposite of Sig. Sig’s outlook is generally positive and giving, while Edgar’s a bit contrary with everyone, including his big brother Sig.

Last week, the Northwestern suffered engine troubles and was aimed to crash directly into the docks.

After a power failure, the boat had no means of stopping, but of course Edgar recovered the electrical power and saved the ship from a wreck just in the nick of time.

The Northwestern made it through the most recent episode with a couple of engine malfunction scares. Edgar, the ship’s engineer, promised viewers a wild ride this season.

Throughout “Deadliest Catch” filming, Edgar expresses uncertainty and dissatisfaction with his life and future as a fisherman.

Captain Sig’s move into Hollywood and the big screen is one example of how the inspiration Sig gives people who fully embrace their career, the monotony, the disappointments, grueling work and successful payoffs.

Starring as the voice of Crabby the Boat is definitely a triumph in the media career of Sig Hansen. Sig is on a tour across the country.

The weekend of May 21st, Captain Sig visits Chicago for an NRA show where he’ll man the helm of the Trident Seafood booth for pictures and autographs.

Tonight, Captain Sig and the Hillstrand Brothers are in Royal Oak, MI at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Meet and Greet tickets are $99.50 and reserved seating is $39.50.

Captain Sig begins his voice as Crabby the boat next month as “Cars 2” premieres in theatres June 24.

Crabby the boat carries “Cars 2” character Finn McMissile, a master British spy through raging waters.

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