Tips On Choosing New Construction Homes In DFW Today

Statista claims the real estate market in the USA was about $111.53 tln in 2022 and is going to hit $142.88 trillion by 2028.

Furthermore, analysts note Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington among the US areas, where building erection, as well as property selling, reached the highest values.

Following a year-to-year report created in May 2023, over 8,860 single-family homes were sold here. This is 1.86% fewer than during the previous YoY period, but that’s still an impressively high number.

Because of the huge popularity of single-family residences in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, experts decided to come up with a list of tips on picking qualitative private houses for the Metroplex locals.

The recommendations below are fair for those deciding on new construction homes in DFW proposed by reputable real estate online platforms (like

This is due to only trustworthy property sources providing true information about the family residences they offer.

What Should You Consider First When Choosing New Construction Homes in DFW?

Initially, it’s noteworthy that reliable sellers always sign official contracts with private house buyers. Such agreements shouldn’t contain the following things:

  • ambiguous or unclear statements;
  • too small or hard-to-read fonts;
  • empty lines and spaces (they may be filled out with additional details after a contract is signed).

Finally, agreements should include comprehensive information about a seller and a home buyer.

The Number Of Your Family Members Is Essential

If you live with only a wife and a kid, a private residence having one bathroom, as well as two bedrooms, is usually totally enough.

But if your family involves grandparents or numerous children, experts recommend picking houses having several washrooms together with at least three dormitories.

Moreover, choosing homes with spacious basements or attics is better in the latter instance.

Such spaces are convenient for storing old clothes, toys, kids’ bicycles and rollers, camping or fishing equipment, etc.

May Cheap New Construction Homes In DFW Be Good?

The price of a private residence depends on the exact district of its location. So, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive house, for example, in areas with poorly developed infrastructure.

That’s not a problem if you have a car. But you can save quite a lot of money in this case.

At the same time, the quality and types of materials used to build a house also affect its price.

So, good residences can’t be too cheap, even if they’re placed in outlying parts of the Metroplex.

However, some developers still sell real estate at favorable prices as a part of promotions when they offer new construction homes discounted to attract more clients.

What Should You Know About Structures That Make Up a Private House?

The main part that makes a building is its foundation. A private house base is chosen according to soil type.

Here is some basic info on foundation design:

  • Designers usually select pile foundations for subsidence grounds and hefty houses;
  • Foundation bottoms are typically placed below the groundwater level (if any) on sites;
  • Bases’ walls should have reinforced waterproofing on their outsides if it’s a private residence with an underground floor.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that foundation bottoms are commonly laid below the depth of soil freezing.

Finally, base walls must be insulated from the outside, at least to the frost depth of the ground. Otherwise, cold bridges will form.

What Material For Private Residence Walls Is Better?

External and inner enclosing structures may be made of the following widespread materials:

  • Solid concrete. Such walls stand out for their strength and durability.
  • Ceramic bricks. This material has been used since ancient times. Ceramic bricks excel in their eco-friendliness.
  • AAC blocks. Such material has low thermal conductivity as well as high soundproofing.
  • Limestone blocks. This material stands out for its aesthetic qualities. You don’t need to paint and repaint such walls.
  • Timber. Here, specialists advise choosing residences with walls of oak and maple structures. Walnut is a slightly less strong timber, but it’s still good.

You may find additional information on this subject in thematic blogs (e.g., on the NewHomeMate official website).

What Kind Of Roof Is Better?

Ceramic tile is the most aesthetic and eco-friendly roofing. However, it’s quite expensive, which increases the price of a whole new construction home.

Metal tile is probably the most widespread roof material. Slate and corrugated steel, for their part, are typically used when erecting low-cost private residences. They’re still good, though.

Concluding Thoughts

Knowing all private-residence-choosing features is incredibly important when deciding on new construction homes in DFW.

That’s because, merely in this case, you are able to pick a private house wisely and not overpay.

However, experts recommend selecting residences solely from reputable online sources (such as Newhomesmate.Com).

This is due to only such platforms offering checked information about the houses they suggest.

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