Deadliest Catch: Captain Derrick Finds Jake’s Marijuana Stash

The Discovery Channel released a preview of an upcoming “Deadliest Catch” episode where Captain Derrick sniffs out Jake Harris’s hidden stash of marijuana on the Cornelia Marie.

Captain Derrick didn’t get off to a good start with the Cornelia Marie crew or with fans of the Deadliest Catch and the Cornelia Marie.

The Cornelia Marie fishing vessel was steered by Captain Phil who passed away last year.

Captain Phil’s death, a death the Captain spoke of often and hinted at repeatedly with phrases like “If I’m still here,” wasn’t anticipated by his two sons Jake and Josh.

It’s not really clear if Jake and Josh have a real career in fishing without their father on board.

Captain Phil got sick a little after Jake stole Phil’s pain killer medications.

Jake promised to go to rehab, but didn’t go until his father was hospitalized.

After Captain Phil was buried, Jake and Josh recruited Derrick Ray to head the Cornelia Marie.

Derrick was ready go, but had to wait on Jake and engineer Steve who took hours longer than he expected them to.

Instead of apologizing to Captain Derrick for being late, Steve grew mighty belligerent, cursed, ranted and raved.

Jake played it really cool and swore he and Steve hadn’t been anywhere but shopping.

A few days later, Derrick smells weed on Jake. Derrick is fuming because he let Jake drive the boat.

Captain Derrick has a serious coffee habit and went for coffee while Jake steered the boat.

They set a few crab pots and everything seemed cool. But then Jake returns a bit later and asks if he can drive the boat, Derrick tells him no.

And when Jake leaves, Captain Derrick looks at the camera in disgust and relays that Jake reeks of weed.

Derrick Ray gave a short interview for an Oregon newspaper about the “Deadliest Catch.”

The Discovery Channel has also released the clip of Derrick sniffing through the junkiest part of the vessel complaining about the smell of marijuana.

It’s got to be there, Derrick says. He can smell it. He keeps looking and keeps sniffing and then he declares that the marijuana smell is coming from out of the cardboard boxes.

He looks down and sees the ashes, and then voila, he finds Jake’s joint.

It must have been a highly potent and smelly stash of marijuana if Derrick could find it simply by following his nose. Either that, or Jake Harris is the most careless weed smoker ever.

Although the weed episode promises to be entertaining, and fans are outraged at Derrick, Jake’s alleged marijuana smoking occurred on the job.

Factory workers are briefed and trained about the on the job hazards and risk of injury to self and others when performing their job under the influence of drugs.

The same is true for Jake. If Jake indeed was under the influence while working with the crew, and a mishap occurred, the arguments about marijuana’s role in that mishap would never end.

The next few minutes on film are a weed smoker’s nightmare.

Derrick wraps the marijuana joint in a plastic baggie, calls the cops who are waiting for the boat to dock.

What TLC doesn’t show is what happened between Derrick and Jake from the time Derrick found the marijuana until the time they landed.

Perhaps that’s to come on Tuesday. But when the boat lands, Jake, in classic hood style, puts his sweatshirt hoodie over his heads, jumps down off the boat, walks straight past the police who watched him go by and disappears.

The cameras caught the disappearing act while the boat landed and police approached.

By the time Derrick get to the police, the police acknowledge that Jake slipped past them and then the ridiculous happens.

Derrick is asking everyone where did Jake go. It’s like a bad episode of “Intervention” where the camera crew become accomplices.

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