Off-Campus Housing: Find Your Ideal Student Accommodation

Being a student can be one of the most amazing times in a person’s life; however, to ensure that you have a good experience, there are a few things that you have to get right.

This includes choosing the right course for you, attending a good university, and finding somewhere ideal to live.

Several factors go into determining not only where you live but also who you live with. Below we will go through some valuable tips that can help you find the right off-campus housing for you during your time as a student.


First, before you begin searching for off-campus student accommodation, it is imperative to set a budget.

This will significantly reduce the time you spend looking for places you can’t afford and will narrow down your options, so you have a good idea of the type of places where you could live.

One of the main benefits of choosing off-campus student housing is that it is usually a lot cheaper than accommodation on campus. 

One thing that you should remember while setting a budget for housing is to factor in the cost of amenities which often come as part of the deal while living in student accommodation on campus.

For example, if you live in UCLA student housing on campus, you may have access to things like food and sports facilities as part of your contract.

For those that choose off-campus accommodation, there may not be these amenities, which means you will have to pay extra for these things, which should be factored into your budget.


Another vital tip to remember while searching for accommodation off campus is the daily distance you must travel to your university.

It may sound appealing to find somewhere cheap; however, if it is a considerable distance from your university, you will have to pay for transport every day, which can add up considerably over time. 

Not only is there a financial cost, but you will also spend much more of your valuable time traveling, which can waste energy.

Depending on what type of experience you are looking for as a student, some people will want to be surrounded by other students, and others won’t mind being away from them.

If you want to be around lots of students, finding off-campus accommodation is a good idea, which is still relatively close to the university you are attending. 

This will also mean that you can still enjoy the environment, including all of the activities around the university, without having to live on campus.

It also means that if you go out with friends at night, you won’t have to leave early to catch the last bus home if you live a considerable distance from everyone else.

It all comes down to preference and the type of experience you seek as a student. For this reason, it is a good idea to think about what you want and decide based on this.


Something that is often overlooked by people looking for cheap student housing is the safety of the area that you are living in.

Although you might be on a tight budget, you want to live in a good neighborhood that is considered safe.

This is especially the case if you plan to live on your own. You can do lots of helpful research online into the safety of different neighborhoods, but it is also a good idea to visit the area in person and get a feel for it yourself. 

If you decide to view a flat or house, remember to check that it has the appropriate safety measures installed, including fire alarms, CCTV cameras, and whatever else you may want. 


If you have a tight budget and want to save money, living with other people is a great idea. Doing this will allow you to split bills between yourselves for gas, electricity, and wifi.

Living with housemates is also suitable for meeting new people at a similar life stage. Many people meet their friends for life at university, and living with others is a great way to get to know them. 


It is crucial to take your time when finding suitable student housing, carefully considering the abovementioned factors.

Off-campus housing is an excellent alternative for students who want to save money and enjoy a slightly different student experience.

If you think carefully about how you want to live as a student, you should be in a great place to choose the accommodation that works for you. 

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