Hardcore Pawn’s Ashley: ‘Do Not Disrespect My Brother’

Fans always get a dose or two of Ashley and Seth fighting on each episode of Hardcore Pawn, but this week, Ashley had her brother’s back.

Fans of the truTV show Hardcore Pawn are accustomed to seeing Ashley and her younger brother Seth fight like cats and dogs with each other.

Sometimes, in fact, it gets to the point where you wonder if they really just, well, hate each other.

But, then something happens on the show that reminds viewers that, in fact, this brother-and-sister team has each other’s backs, whatever differences they may have between them.

This week on Hardcore Pawn, there were the usual crazies in the shop—the, um, voguer? Are there seriously international “voguing” competitions?

And, did he seriously think he would get $500 for those pitiful little earrings? And, oh, my, the rather hefty woman doing her best Matrix move up the wall of the shop?

But, the one who really spoke volumes was the man with the lovely speaker/grill combination—the “brand new” set, that he was going to be “nice” about and let Seth have for $500. Yes, that exchange was something different.

When “Norm” rolled his barbeque/speaker collection into the store, it was easy to see that, well, it was a piece of junk.

He claimed that he paid $1,000 when he got it in the same condition as he presented it to Seth and Ashley—beat up, banged up, bashed in speakers and, as Seth suggested, “Did you find it in the dumpster? Because those speakers are blown.”

“Garbage,” Ashley agreed.

Ol’ Norm started getting angry when they agreed that he would not get even five cents from them for his impressive barbeque/speaker combo.

“You joking me? $500 dollars give me, I’m gonna be nice, and that’s it.”

“Why? What would happen we didn’t give you $500? You’re not going to be nice?” Ashley asked.

Hilariously, Norm rapped his knuckles on the counter, and, in response, Ashley did the same.

That seemed to send Norm over the edge, and he started getting up in Seth’s face.

At that point, Ashley actually defended her brother, telling Norm he was not to talk to him like he was—up in his face and angry.

Security made its way to Norm, and began escorting him and his barbeque/speakers out the door.

But, in true Hardore Pawn fashion, Ashley and Seth followed him to the door. And, as Norm continued getting in Seth’s face, Ashley was plain:

“Get away from my brother. Get away. Take your s***, put it in your car, and get off our property.”

“See, that’s my little brother,” Ashley later said in a camera cameo. “Do not disrespect my brother. That’s my job.”

Ah, that brother-sister bond.

Sure, it was, well, hardcore, but that’s the way this pawn shop operates and it just follows that the people in charge are going to interact in a fashion that follows.

Some of the people they deal with, there just is no other way to deal.

And, a lot of times, the atmosphere probably just spills over into the relationship between Ashley and Seth.

But, it is great to see them get to “tag-team” on a deal and, in fact, Ashley give some love to her little brother, Hardcore Pawn style.

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