Gemma Atkinson’s Home Gym And Why It’s A Perfect Inspiration 

The wintertime often serves as a reminder of how cool it would be to have a home gym – that way, you can avoid having to suffer through the cold or the crazy traffic in order to get a good workout in.

With that said, a lot of people are conditioned to believe that having a place to train in the comfort of their homes is an incredible luxury that only the wealthy can afford, and well, that’s not truly the case. 

A great showcase of a comfortable home gym that has everything you need for training but that isn’t insanely luxe or expensive is the one of Gemma Atkinson.

The star of Strictly Come Dancing and her partner recently showcased their new home, and the part of it that piqued our interest the most was the training room, which can serve as a great example of what a home gym can look like if you’re lacking ideas and inspiration.  

So now, without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s take a more detailed look at Gemma and Gorka’s home gym to help you see why it’s such a good example for you to follow.

Gemma Atkinson’s Gym and It’s Must-Haves

Gemma Atkinson and her partner Gorka Marquez became popular from “Strictly Come Dancing,” where they met and started dating shortly after.

After several years of living together, the couple moved into a new home in 2020, which is stunning, to say the least.

It has a majestic garden, an area for meditation, and a fully-equipped home gym that is going to turn into the star of our article. 

What Makes Her Home Gym So Good

The home gym is a part of their house, but it’s a separate room that has a view of the garden, so a lot of natural sunlight comes in throughout the day.

The room they’ve chosen for the gym is not large, but it’s not small either, as it has enough space to fit several machines and lifting accessories inside.

Let’s take a look at all the equipment Gorka and Gemma have and why it’s good to consider it as well. 

Cardio Machines

As can be seen from videos the two stars share on social media, their gym has an assault bike, a treadmill, and a Bike ERG, which are more than enough to challenge your cardiovascular endurance in multiple ways.

In addition to that, their home gym also has boxes specifically used for jumping and jump ropes so that they can do different types of circuit workouts.

Of course, if you’re under budget, you don’t have to buy all these different types of machines – instead, you can opt for only one and the jump rope, as it’s fairly inexpensive but adds variety to your sessions. 

Lifting Accessories 

Along with many cardio options, Gemma and Gorka have a ton of lifting accessories and equipment as well.

From the videos, you can clearly see a rack that can be used for both lifting and pull-ups, along with many sets of weight plates, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Along with that, they also have a bench and a ton of resistance bands for a complete weightlifting workout.

Now, it’s a given that having so many options is incredibly expensive and that you most likely won’t have the budget or space to fit it all in, but their setup can definitely serve as inspiration.

If you lack space, just get a squat rack and a foldable bench that you can keep stored when you don’t use it, and instead of tons of weight plates, barbells, and so on, just get yourself a set of dumbbells with changeable weight, one or two kettlebell options and resistance bands.

For a home gym workout, that’s just the right amount of equipment, and you will surely be able to get some pretty decent sessions in. 

Along with that, you shouldn’t forget the pretty necessary mats and a foam roller so that you can always stretch and recover after your sessions. 

In Conclusion

Having a home gym doesn’t necessarily mean building a dupe of Planet Fitness in your house – in fact, if you think about it, you don’t really need all that much to get a good training session in.

Gemma Atkinson’s gym is a great example of a home that’s full of equipment and with all the necessities in it without being too big or too lavish.

However, you can take inspiration from it to make something even smaller and more compact for your own home, especially if you live in a flat and not in a house where you can dedicate an entire room to it.

As always, we hope this article was helpful, and we’d love to see your feedback in the comment section. 

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