How To Become A Real Estate Lawyer

Purchasing your own house can be an incredibly difficult and intricate process . That’s why there are real estate lawyers who help you navigate the legal complexities of buying a house. 

If you are passionate about helping people own properties, then a career as a real estate lawyer may be perfect for you.

Since you’re just starting out, you may be confused about the entire process. But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll explain how to become a real estate lawyer in simple steps. It’s a demanding journey, but you get to make a real and tangible impact on other people’s lives.

Here are the steps involved in becoming a real estate lawyer:

1. Get A Bachelor’s Degree 

The first thing you have to do is go to college and get a bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Bachelor’s in Law (LLB).

As long as it has modules that are relevant to subjects such as law and business, your bachelor’s degree will help build a solid foundation for your future career.

But an LLB degree will be the best way for you to learn as much as you can about the law.

2. Take The LSAT

After spending 4 long years at college and getting your bachelor’s degree, you have to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Passing this test will help you get into an ABA-approved law school.

Some law schools also accept GRE, so you have more options in terms of admission tests. Regardless of which test you choose to take, you must pass and get a good score. That’s why you can’t cut any corners when preparing for these tests.

LSAT preparation can be a long and challenging process, which is why we recommend that you sign up for an online tutoring class. 

3. Get a Juris Doctor (JD) Degree

Once you’ve nailed the LSAT and gotten into a great law school, you just have to study very hard and get your Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

It typically lasts three years. During the last two years, you can pick real estate law as your specialization and do an internship. 

This is the perfect time for you to get some hands-on experience in the real estate law industry and network with other lawyers.

4. Take The Bar Exam

Now that you have your JD degree, it’s time to put all your knowledge and skills to the test by taking the bar exam. Passing this exam will give you the license to practice law in the state where you take it.

The bar exam is a two-day exam and consists of two tests: the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE).

In some states, you’ll also be required to take tests called the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). 

Once you’ve passed the bar exam, you’re ready to start practicing.

5. Continue Studying

Real estate law is constantly evolving, so it makes sense that your knowledge of it should evolve as well. For this reason, it’s important that you continue studying and keeping yourself informed.

As a real estate lawyer, your most important assets, other than your knowledge of legal procedures, are your communication and interpersonal skills.

Many of your clients won’t have the same erudite understanding of the law as you will, so you’ll often have to explain difficult legal concepts in simple words.

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do?

As a real estate lawyer, you’ll review all documents your client signs at the time of purchasing a property. You’ll also ensure that the transfer of the property is legal and in the best interest of the person buying the house.

Most real estate lawyers charge by the hour, but some prefer to have a flat rate. In many states, a real estate lawyer is required to be present at closing (when the title is transferred). 

Fulfill Your Dream Of Becoming A Real Estate Lawyer

Now that you know what you have to do to become a real estate lawyer, all that remains is taking the leap and starting your academic journey. 

It takes years of hard work and dedication, but in the end, you’ll get to help people navigate one of the most important decisions of their lives – property ownership.

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