How To Fully Upgrade Your Storage During A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen organization can feel exhausting, and maintaining a system can make you want to pull your hair out.

Storage options never seem large enough, but even if you have a small kitchen, practical solutions, and options are always available for a fully functional and accessible kitchen space.

Contemporary kitchens in 2023 are meant to be timeless, minimal, and clutter-free, and when you are approaching a remodel – it’s time to rethink your current storage system.

Kitchen remodelers in San Jose, CA, are among the most outstanding guidance points through remodeling and modern storage options.

When evaluating your organization, kitchen layout, and possible opportunities for more storage – the key is to step back and look at the bigger picture and how you want your kitchen to function for your family and everyone in your household.

California kitchens are meant for cooking, gathering, and making lots of memories, so when you are ready to remodel, it’s time to shift your perspective and look to the future of your home.

Establish What Needs To Go

Before you start planning your remodel, it is essential to assess your current organization system and the sustainability of your kitchen layout.

If things don’t make sense, it’s time to plan for something new, but with new things – you have to leave other items in the past.

It is also about time to thoroughly clean your junk or catch-all drawer alongside everything else in your kitchen!

Do you have old, small appliances that you have never seemed to find use for? It may be time to donate or trash these items.

Sort everything in your kitchen space and categorize what you want to keep, give away, or trash.

Once you finish the cleansing process, you will better understand how much and what kind of storage system will work for you.

Reconsider Your Fridge & Making an Upgrade

One of the most prominent storage features in your kitchen is the refrigerator.

When you are heading towards a complete kitchen remodel, it is inevitable that you will consider the idea of new appliances.

Appliances are a significant upgrade to any kitchen, and they are there to make life easier for the homeowner.

If your fridge is outdated and perhaps a little too small, looking at your options is a good idea.

New appliances are a give in when you are making updates to your kitchen space, and they will bring convenience, security, and storage to your room.

Kitchen remodeling companies are an excellent resource at your disposal.

Contractors have the knowledge, experience, and connections available to help advise which appliances will suit your upgraded space the best in terms of design, durability, storage, and function.

Having the experts at your side can assist you through purchasing these appliances during the renovation procedures.

Switch Your Cabinets To Drawers

Cabinets are the primary source of storage throughput kitchens all across the U.S. The cabinet trends have changed over the years.

Contemporary cabinets aren’t necessarily cabinets; most modern kitchens are switching to drawers for better access to their dishwater, cooking tools, foods, and spices. 

Drawers are a far better choice in terms of function, as you can create a clear organization and additional modules within each set of drawers while having easy access and a complete vision of what is set within each drawer.

More and more homeowners are turning to drawer options as storage solutions.

While cabinets are one of the most significant components of a kitchen remodeling budget – the organization pays off and it brings a sense of peace to your entire household.

Contemplate Open Shelving

Clearing everything out of your kitchen is a great way to downsize and declutter your home, but it also allows you to look at what you have and what you can do with it.

Open shelving is rising for kitchen storage, providing a clear view of everything in one glimpse.

This makes cooking and cleaning easy for everyone in the family, and it can allow displaying some of your favorite dishwater as an accessory to your space.

This is a simple and straightforward way of developing the kitchen of your dreams!

Contact A Local Remodeling Contractor For Consultation

Kitchen remodeling always involves serious planning; it prioritizes new means of organization and puts modern storage options that 2023 homeowners need in motion.

Without a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor to assist you through all the preparation, plans, and procedures of the process – things can be incredibly difficult and even inconvenient for everyone apart from the household.

Clever Design & Remodeling in San Jose, CA, is the Bay Area’s best kitchen contractor – building, designing, and developing contemporary home spaces to fulfill every Californian’s dream!

Clever Design specializes in creating and remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, accessory dwelling units, and beyond.

When entering a full kitchen renovation, contact local, licensed experts to get the job done and provide the storage solutions you need!

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