How To Remove Melted Plastic From The Oven

Do you want to know how to remove melted plastic from the oven after an accident? We all know that ovens and plastic never go well. In an instance where plastic is placed in a hot oven, the result is an irritating, bad-smelling goo. How can you safely clean up this mess from your oven without ruining it?

To begin with, take preventive measures like getting gloves and safety glasses before removing melted plastic from an oven. Afterward, wait for some hours for the oven to cool with the door open and the room ventilated. Next, get to work with a scraper. Begin at the base of the oven before going to the racks. Wash it when done.

In this article, I’ll show you how to cautiously and safely remove plastic that has melted from the oven. You won’t experience any issues with these steps, and your maximum result is assured.

My Quick Overview (30 Sec)

  • Good old-fashioned scraping is the best method for removing melted plastic from an oven.
  • Ensure that the oven and plastic have cooled completely before attempting to scrape it off.
  • Before proceeding, you must remember to switch the oven off and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Wear personal protective wear, such as goggles and gloves, to keep you safe while scraping the plastic from the oven.

Can You Put Plastic In An Oven?

As a general rule, never put plastic in a preheated oven. It will begin to soften at lower temperatures, and the plastic will melt entirely at higher temperatures.

When this happens, the plastic gives off smoke and potentially flammable substances. It is imperative to know that these chemicals can hurt your health if you melt plastic in your oven.

Also, after melting, you’ll have a massive mess on your hands. I feel obligated to point out that cleaning up this shamble will be a Herculean task. Still, you can get it out.

How To Remove Melted Plastic From The Oven

Below are the steps on how to get rid of the plastic that has melted from an oven if there is a burn:

1. Take Precaution And Get Your Tools

It’s important to use caution. When getting plastic out of your oven, you could get burned or inhale burning plastic fumes, among other things. You should safeguard your hands and eyes by using protective gear. Also, get a scraping tool for the process.

2. Wait For The Plastic To Cool

You should wait until your oven has cooled down before attempting any cleaning. To a greater extent, this is true when working with molten plastic. The oven door should also be left open, and the room should be well-ventilated.

3. Scrape

Find a scraper and get to work on the plastic that has melted on the bottom of your oven. Take out everything. You don’t want to start cooking only to find plastic bits in it.

From the bottom of the oven, work your way to the racks. Use the scraper to remove any remaining bits of plastic. Focus on every detail.

4. Clean

Once you take off the plastic, there will likely be some sort of residue. But don’t fret. Some oven cleaner can easily scrub it away.

After spraying, the oven should be left alone for five minutes before you wipe it with a towel. Do not forget to spray the racks in your oven. Get some tin foil, crumple it up, and use it as a scrubber.


Melted plastic in your oven can ruin it. Still, there’s no way you’re throwing out the entire machine just because of one mistake. Now you know how to remove it from the oven, so you have nothing to worry about.

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