Joe ‘Takes Point’ In South African Bush, Dual Survival Fans React

Last night’s episode of Dual Survival gave Joe Teti a chance to shine, but were fans convinced that he is a positive addition to the Discovery Channel show.

Dual Survival is now firmly in Season Three, with the second episode of the regular season airing last night.

Fans had an opportunity to see Joe’s military training kick in and take charge, and get a taste of what he adds to the team. But, were fans impressed?

Cody appeared to be out of his element for the most part in South African bush country.

Oh, as he said once again, he loves the desert. But, with big game—lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and hippos—circling around, and phantom poachers in the area, there is no doubt that he was out of his typical survival comfort zone.

Cody is adept at fighting—or working with—Mother Nature; eluding poachers and hiding from rhinoceroses just did not appear to be his forte. So, one would imagine that he was glad to have Joe and his training along on the trip.

But, were fans glad Joe was along to “take point” as he vocalized again and again and, yes, again?

No Longer For ‘Everyman’

Buzzing about Huliq has not, at this time, been in favor of Joe’s performance, as disgruntled fans express their opinions on various articles already on the site.

Specifically, the main grumbling appears to be that the show was once viewed as an everyday-man survivalist show; now, the harder edge, military calculations and evasive actions are not striking Dual Survival fans as accessible for “real” people.

“I found the new show with Joe upsetting to watch because Joe is more of a trained killer, more so bulling his way through nature in a destructive manner rather than respecting it,” Huliq reader Ken commented.

“At least Dave was willing to compromise with Cody and I think they did respect one another.

Btw Cody’s survival techniques are superlative to the soldiers and Joe’s skills are more appropriate for battle.

I was looking forward to the new guy but after watching I would rather watch Cody and a hunter.”

“I don’t get it,” commented geosmdavic. “Is it dual survival or dual military tactics. Joe has ruined a great show.

I may not watch it anymore after this one. Joe is not a teacher at all. … So again I ask you guys at Dual Survival are you guy going to get back to teaching us something or is just going to just another show on Discovery. … I think Discovery should have a vote to see if Joe stay or Dave should come back!!!!”

No Brotherly Love In Arguments

Many viewers are uncomfortable with the dynamic going on between Cody and Joe at this point, as well.

Whereas the arguments that were always occurring between Dave and Cody seemed more “brotherly,” always tempered with a mutual respect, the arguments between Cody and Joe are striking the viewing audience as harsh, uncomfortable and, most of all, disrespectful.

“No respect for each other,” Fallnhorse said, cutting right to the chase after watching the new episode last night.

“Cody and Dave use to disagree but not be disagreeable. Joe and Cody show no respect for each other.

If they were truly depending on each other to survive they would fail. I have learned nothing this season from this show, the old shows were informative.

There is too much arguing and contempt. … The chemistry is gone and mutual respect is gone. It’s time to shut down the show.”

Where Are The Joe Fans?

No doubt as the day and week goes on, those fans defending the new vibe of the show will speak out about the latest episode, as well.

But, at the time of this writing, the overwhelming voice of the fans was loud, clear, and above all, unhappy.

Stay tuned.

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