Lara Logan Was Beaten, Stripped In Tahrir Square

There is a photograph of Lara Logan fully surrounded by Egyptian men in Tahrir Square just minutes before she was sexually assaulted by 200 men.

But the men in the photograph are not believed to be the men responsible for the attack on the Western journalist.

Details of Logan’s assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square early on the morning of Hosni Mubarak’s resignation have been published in a South African paper and picked up by press around the globe.

Logan, who was born in Durban, South Africa, told relatives in South Africa that the attack was so sudden that she had no chance to escape.

She was crushed by what a South African newspaper refers to as “Egyptian youths” and separated from her film crew.

During the attack, which CBS describes as a “brutal and sustained sexual assualt” that lasted between 20 and 30 minutes, Logan was stripped.

Her clothes were ripped off. She was kicked, punched, and pinched and whipped with flag poles. Attackers kicked her and ripped out her hair.

During the attack that occurred at 1 a.m., the men involved in the assault yelled ‘Israeli Jew” at the veteran international correspondent.

Today, Logan is at home with her immediate family in Washington DC–her husband, Joseph Burkett, who worked as a US defense contractor . Logan met Burkett in Iraq. She has one child and one stepchild.

Logan was not raped during the sustained and brutal episode and said she feared for life during the assault.

A group of women jumped on top of Logan to prevent a rape. CBS reported that 20 Egyptian soldiers intervened in Logan’s attack.

But those Egyptian soldiers were also badly beaten by the crowd. One soldier suffered a broken arm.

Egyptian soldiers escorted Logan back to the Four Seasons Hotel where she was treated by a doctor and sedated.

The next day, Logan left for the US on the first flight out of Egypt. She spent five days in the care of a New York Hospital.

Logan’s body had red pinch marks in sensitive areas. Initially the red marks on Logan’s body were believed to be bite marks.

Later reports indicate that the bruises are the result of Logan’s being beaten with flag poles that demonstrators were carrying the night Mubarak resigned.

A friend of Logan’s in South Africa told media that Logan’s psychological trauma is just is bad, if not worse than the physical injuries.

Logan was filing a report for CNN and the CBS Sunday program 60 Minutes.

Day’s prior to the incident with Logan in Tahrir Square, Anderson Cooper left Egypt after he was viciously assaulted by almost a dozen Egyptians.

Cooper refused to reveal his location on-air after he was beaten.

Logan had been detained by Egyptian authorities a week before the attack.

She gave details of her jailing to Esquire magazine. She reported being blindfolded and detained at gunpoint.

Soldiers told her if she did not take off her blindfold, then they would not tie her hands.

Logan said she and the rest of her captured crew were kept in stress positions and all through the night she was not allowed to put her head down.

Logan did not mention to anyone at CBS that she had been ill for a few days and vomited so much that she had to be seen by a medic at a secret facility during her capture.

She begged her captors for an intravenous drop, but they refused.

Logan said she was sick all over the interrogation cell and eventually put on an IV.

In the earlier days of the protests in Egypt, the government had taken a harsh stance against journalists.

Logan said she and her crew were accused of being spies and Israeli agents.

Logan says she will return to CBS and 60 Minutes.

Logan was in the Square to capture Egyptians live celebrating the announcement of Mubarak’s resignation.

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