Lizard Lick Towing: Did Ronnie Sell The Company On Season Finale?

The season finale of Lizard Lick Towing on truTV left viewers shocked when Ronnie appeared to accept a check from Lars Dixon for ownership of the company.

Last week on truTV’s Lizard Lick Towing, Ronnie made it clear where he stood about his competition, saying, “This is war.”

This week’s season finale began on that same theme.

A Dixon truck was at another Lizard Lick Towing repo with his own paperwork, already picking up the vehicle in question. How is he doing it?

“Do you think our phone lines are tapped?” Amy asked Ronnie. “That’s the only thing that I can come up with for him to be able to know where we’re at and what we’re doing.”

Makes sense—but, really, why?

The whole thing is puzzling, that another company would come up into a town like Lizard Lick, North Carolina, wanting to push the little guy around, but that is the way things work in reality television—things are just puzzling sometimes.

After repoing a grill—yes, a grill—Lars Dixon showed up at the lot, taunting them.

“There’s really only room for one towing company around here,” he told Ronnie, after making fun of the grill repo, and flaunting his list of hauls for the day—a boat, two cars and an RV. “You got until the end of the day to take me up on my offer, and after that, there’s no more talking.”

Like Lars said, there’s only room for one towing company in Lizard Lick—why is he so consumed with being the one?

More than that, why are all of Ronnie’s clients (apparently) jumping off the Lizard Lick Towing boat and onto Dixon’s bandwagon?

Is Lizard Lick Towing Really Shirley-free?

But, hey, late on the episode, they got the repo of the year: A Ferrari. And, after that, Lars showed up, DOUBLING his initial offer.

Again: Why?

Why doesn’t really matter, apparently, to Ronnie—the amount, whatever it was, was too much to turn down this time.

“You would pay me that much money for this place?” Ronnie asked, shocked. He turned to his wife. “I’m thinking real hard right now, Amy, that there’s a time to live and a time to die—and I’m thinkin’ I want to start living.”

One check later—no contracts?—Dixon was the owner, presumably, of Lizard Lick Towing.

But, is all what it seems?

Stay tuned for another season of Lizard Lick Towing on truTV.

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