The Most Popular Tapware Finishes Of 2023

Now that your new bathroom is starting to take shape, it’s time to make crucial decisions, like deciding which tapware to choose.

It could be trickier than you think to choose the appropriate tapware considering it has both an aesthetic and practical influence over the space. 

More than just a means to get water for washing and rinsing, today’s tapware is considered the cherry on top of a stylish bathroom design.

That said, while having function in mind is important when making your choice, you also need to think about looks. 

With trends constantly evolving to reflect the most recent interior designs, it can be good for you to become familiar with the latest tapware trends so you can choose something that suits your needs and taste. 

Brushed Brass

Brushed brass is made from solid brass material polished to a high gloss that allows the delicate intricacies of the tapware to be seen.

Brushed brass is now one of the most popular brushed metal colours used in bathroom decor. 

A few years ago, brushed brass taps were the common choice for bathroom designs that were intended to be traditional or have a heritage vibe.

But today, they can also be spotted in modern and contemporary bathroom designs. In these settings, they create a visually beautiful and enticing contrast, which contributes to their appeal.

For instance, brushed brass taps will contrast well with a bathroom that is mostly white with wood elements. 

This material’s muted colour gives the impression that it is a little weathered. This implies that it won’t be as distinctive as other finishes.

But that can be a good thing since it offers the advantage of not detracting from the aesthetic of the rest of the bathroom design. 

Instead, it will appear more natural while maintaining a certain level of modest beauty. This is, in fact, one of the reasons why this finish has grown very popular for modern bathrooms.

It’s the ideal choice for those who like this specific colour without the glossy shine.  

Love the look of this material, but still want your tapware to stand out and be a focal point? You can choose brushed brass tapware mounted on the wall.

With the correct splashback, this can provide a beautiful contrast that can really make the overall design stand out from the rest of the bathroom. Anyone entering the room will be drawn to it and have something to talk about instantly. 

The durability of brushed brass bathroom taps in comparison to other finish options is another advantage to consider.

This implies not only fewer fingerprints but also guarantees that maintaining the tapware will be much simpler than with other options.

It only requires a few wipes with a cloth every now and then to keep this lovely area of your bathroom clean.  

Matte Black Tapware

Modern matte black bathroom tapware is another great choice to consider. Matte black taps are striking, powerful, imposing, and modern fixtures.

They have a straightforward design with a more traditional appearance. Additionally, the surface of this tapware is scratch-, corrosion-, soap-scum-, and fingerprint-resistant.

Matte black tapware is one of the most adaptable choice. It’s a wonderful place to start when designing a beautiful bathroom because it goes well with a wide range of styles, color schemes, and textures.

Matte black looks well with acrylic or cast iron bathtubs, wall or floor tiles, and other bathroom fixtures of any shape or design.

Gun Metal Tapware

Tapware with gun metal finish can be a great option if you want a finish that stands out from its surroundings but doesn’t want to go with matte black.

The dark grey tone is ideal for achieving a modern classic finish. Gun Metal is becoming increasingly popular because it strikes the ideal balance between safe and daring.

It provides a matte titanium-coloured finish that is darker than brushed nickel but lighter than matte black. It contrasts nicely with lighter-coloured furnishings and tiling.

Brushed Nickel Tapware

Bathroom taps made of brushed nickel have a delicate metallic appearance but are also very sturdy.

It doesn’t show water stains or fingerprints and maintains its finish for a very long time. It is less expensive than some metallic options and has a colour profile that leans more towards a yellowish-grey.

Even though it complements nearly every style, try to avoid pairing it with stainless steel fixtures.

Your brushed tapware will have less impact because the colours will end up merging together and looking too similar to one another.

Copper Tapware

Copper bathroom faucets are striking and lend a bathroom a more traditional feel.

They’re a great fit for bathrooms featuring a Tuscan or farmhouse style and also work well when paired with steampunk-inspired furnishings. 

Aside from its unique appearance, copper has additional advantages that are ideal for a bathroom environment.

One of them is its natural antimicrobial characteristics, which means that any bacteria or germs won’t survive it. 

When microorganisms come into contact with the copper surface, copper ions are emitted. Within a few hours, the microorganisms’ cell membrane and viral coat get destroyed.

This makes copper tapware an excellent option for busy bathrooms where the risk of bacterial cross-contamination is higher.

Rose Gold Tapware

Rose gold tapware consists of layers of silver and copper. The final mixture creates a stronger metal with a rose undertone that offers a significant point of distinction.

Although many refer to it as pink, the final product is actually more pastel in tone.

Rose gold is a terrific accent to your bathroom’s decor if it features delicate notes or pastel hues because it naturally exudes elegance.

But be cautious when cleaning. Although rose gold is strong, harsh chemicals can harm it.

Chrome Tapware

Chrome is still preferred even though there are now more tapware finish options available than ever before.

Chrome-finished tapware has long been associated with elegance and sophistication.

It complements practically any look and is easy to maintain and clean. With this tough finish, a large selection of tapware, showers, and bathroom accessories are often given as standard.

If you want a finish that will unquestionably stand the test of time, this is the best choice.

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