Increase Online Visibility For Your Rental Property With UGC videos

UGC videos aren’t just for skincare or pet products. In fact, UGC content works great for any type of product or service. 

In other words,  you can also leverage UGC content in your marketing strategy to get in front of even more people, attract new guests to your rental property, and increase sales. 

Below, find out what exactly are UGC videos, how they can benefit your business, and how to use them to increase your property visibility online. 

What Is UGC Video?

UGC video or user-generated content video is a piece of content created by customers rather than the brand itself.

It’s been especially popular in the past few years for brands to use in their organic and paid marketing strategies. Its authenticity and relatability can significantly increase a brand’s credibility and trust.

Why UGC Video Benefits for Your Business

  • Boosts Sales: Incorporating UGC videos into your advertising can improve conversion rates. Authentic UGC content from real users lets you discover what resonates best with your audience, enhancing effectiveness.
  • Enhances Trust: People tend to trust other individuals over brands. Genuine user reviews and testimonials lend credibility to your brand, making it more reliable in the eyes of potential customers.
  • Increases Engagement: UGC videos often outperform standard ads in terms of viewer engagement. Authentic, real-life experiences draw people in, encouraging more interaction.
  • Creates a Community: Implementing UGC videos in your strategy can cultivate a sense of belonging among your audience. Witnessing genuine stories from others inspires them to share their own, building a connected community.

How To Use UGC Videos To Increase Visibility Of Your Property?

In Paid Advertising

Add UGC videos to your paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

With UGC videos, your ads feel more genuine and relatable, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

On Your Social Media

Share UGC videos on your property’s social media channels. This content can include guest testimonials, tours, or unique experiences at your property.

Add them to Facebook and Instagram Stories to showcase your property’s unique features and save them in your highlights for longer visibility.

On Your Website

Create a dedicated section for UGC videos and testimonials wh where potential guests can see real experiences from previous visitors.

Feature a compelling UGC video on your homepage to instantly grab attention and provide social proof.

Additionally, build a gallery or a specific page with different UGC videos that highlight unique features of your property and guest experiences.

In Your Email List

Add UGC videos and photos to your email campaigns for increased CTA

  • Add them to special offers or promotions
  • Send personalized emails to past guests

How To Collaborate With UGC Creators

Now that we covered the why of a UGC video, let’s look at how to source it. 

The best way to get them is by collaborating with experienced UGC creators who produce the type of content your marketing strategy needs. 

Here’s how to find the best creators for your vacation rental business:

  • Find and access the UGC Platform: with vetted, professional UGC creators who already have good working knowledge and experience working with brands
  • Give Instructions for Creators: before connecting with creators, provide a detailed brief. The more details you add, the more relevant creators will apply to your project. Specify video length and type, campaign objective, important product information, and more
  • Choose UGC creators that you like: when creators apply, browse their portfolios and pick the most suitable ones for your campaigns. 
  • Review and Approve Content: when you receive the content, review it and start using it in your marketing strategy

Instagram Tips For Your Vacation Rental

  • Show Your Property: Post high-quality photos to highlight your rental’s best features. Use photos and videos you get from UGC creators. On top of that, take photos and videos yourself – if you’re not sure how, check what your competitors are doing, and get ideas from them.
  • Before and After Shots: Every time you make an update, change, or freshen up the property, show it with before and after photos, videos, and guest reviews.
  • Share Positive Reviews: Use design tools like Canva to create posts with awesome guest reviews, keeping the branding on point.
  • Use User-Generated Content: Share Stories, photos, and videos from past guests (with their permission), especially those tagging your property, to build more trust and authenticity.
  • Personal Introductions: Record yourself; get in front of the camera, and introduce yourself to your target audience, adding a personal touch. Opt for video in stories for a more dynamic connection and pin it to your Highlights.
  • Engage with Instagram Stories: Regularly update your Stories with behind-the-scenes content, renovations, local tips, restaurants, and events to keep potential guests engaged and informed.
  • Virtual Tours: Post video walk-throughs of your property. Pin these videos to your Highlights for easy access for new visitors.
  • Host a Giveaway: Boost engagement and followers by offering a free night’s stay or other enticing offers, asking participants to engage with your content.
  • Organize Your Highlights: Curate your Highlights with local recommendations, FAQs, and property tours, turning your Instagram page into a valuable resource for guests.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: In addition to UGC creators, partner with influencers for fresh content and broader exposure, extending your reach to potential guests.

Instagram Best Practices

  • Post Consistently: Set up and stick to a regular posting schedule based on when your audience is most active.
  • Use Scheduling Tools: Plan your content in advance to never miss a chance to showcase your property. Use free or paid tools.
  • Interact with Followers: Respond to comments and messages quickly.
  • Make Your Property ‘Instagrammable’: Invest in appealing interior design and decor to make your space photogenic and shareworthy.
  • Encourage Guest Tags: Prompt guests to tag your property in their posts, providing a stream of fresh, authentic content.
  • Learn from Competitors: Analyze successful accounts for inspiration and ideas, focusing on elements that make their profiles stand out.

By including UGC videos in your content and marketing strategy, you can increase visibility, and engagement, and consequently encourage more bookings, and guest returns. 

On top of that, while just videos won’t do the trick; get active on social media – pick the channel that works best for you (Instagram is the most popular option).

Combine UGC videos with your material to create a content strategy that will attract new guests and maybe even encourage them to spread the word; tag your property on social media, tell their friends about it, and share their own experiences and photos.

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