Roger Calls JWoww On Her Lying During ‘Snooki & JWoww’

Roger broke Jenni in two. Sobbing on the phone as he called her out Jenni “JWoww” Farley was forced to admit that lying comes naturally to her, but many lies are just “stupid” and shouldn’t count.

During the latest installment of MTV’s Snooki & JWoww, “Calm Down Hormonal”, the girls spend their days looking for things to do and at least one night clubbing.

But it was the final scene with Roger on the phone that left the lasting impression of the show. Video posted below.

The two pals are starting to get on each other’s nerves and JWoww points to the surprise of being with an expectant mom as putting a severe crimp in her nighttime activities.

Snooki has defended her reluctance to go out clubbing based on one factor.

She can’t get drunk. Nicole Polizzi has finally experienced what it’s like to be around a group who gets hammered and acts accordingly.

Nonetheless she agreed to go out with JWoww but it wasn’t the two gals hanging together.

Jenni invited Ashley who she met at a cooking class. Oh yes, once in a while the girls show interest in something that will increase their knowledge basis and life experiences.

Snooki ridiculed the effort but Jenni persevered and learned how to prepare a sweet dish and discovered that she can have fun with someone that is unlike anyone in her circle.

She invited the new pal along for the clubbing night that had finally come around. Snooki’s not used to sharing her bestie but is also won over by how friendly Ashley is.

Snooki’s own attempt to do something outside her comfort zone was a bit of a disaster, but a fun one.

She volunteered to help out at a doggie daycare and was overwhelmed with the barking and jumping of the pets left in her care.

Then came the surprise phone call from Roger. At the top of the show, the two are seen in bed with Roger asking for love and getting the cold shoulder again.

He complained for the umpteenth time but took the rejection as he always does.

The phone call woke Jenni up and Roger was livid from the start, accusing her of keeping things from him.

A report on the Internet that JWoww was being sued has Roger’s back up. He uses it to go on a rant about everything that is wrong with his relationship with his girlfriend.

Update: Roger and Jenni are close to a breakup

The lies have got to stop, he tells her. To be fair, the audience realizes that Jenni has no idea what Roger is talking about and isn’t awake quite yet.

As Roger doesn’t let her get a word in, Jenni begins to realize that she is in trouble with her boyfriend.

While she can’t cop to knowing about the lawsuit she does begin to process the fact that she has a history of lying to Roger and her definition of lying is different from most.

There are big lies and stupid lies. Stupid lies don’t count and big lies might not count if they are not meant to hurt anyone.

Roger chose the wrong girlfriend she says, if trust and truth are the most important things to him. You think?

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