Sad News For ‘CHiPs’ Fans: Larry Wilcox Charged By SEC

This is far from his role as a police officer, we would have to say.

Larry Wilcox, one of the stars of the old late 70s – early 80’s hit TV show ‘CHiPs,’ has been charged with securities fraud.

According to the complaint, Larry Wilcox and two accomplices, Anthony Mellone and Alex Parsinia, bribed someone they thought was a pension fund employee.

The idea was for the pension fund to buy the penny stocks of several, thus creating the false appearance of interest in the companies’ stock. However, the “employee” was actually an FBI agent.

Reportedly, this is not a criminal charge. Rather, the SEC is seeking an injunction against Wilcox and others, as well as financial penalties.

It is a strange turn of events. Wilcox has been known as a philanthropist, and, as an example, in late September, a press release went out announcing the creation of a new charitable foundation “designed to benefit children around the world.”

Called “Gems for Gems,” it was to use the sapphire mine Wilcox managed in Montana, to donate special gems and bracelets and pendants made from them to terminally ill children and those “in crisis.”

Larry Wilcox Played Jon Baker On ‘ChiPs’

‘CHiPs’ followed the lives of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle police officers.

Reportedly, the series name came from the fact that such motorcycle officers were called “Chippies.”

The series ran for 139 episodes over six seasons, although Larry Wilcox left before the final season.

On the show, Larry WiIcox played officer Jon Baker, the more straight-laced of the show’s two protagonists.

His partner was officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, played by Erik Estrada.

Although the show was a big hit, Wilcox and Estrada were not close. In fact, Wilcox felt that producers played favorites with Estrada.

This led to Wilcox leaving before the sixth and final season of the series.

However, Wilcox was briefly reunited on-screen with his former co-star in “National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1,” and then again in the 1998 CHiPs reunion movie, “CHiPs 99.”

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