Selling Everything To Head South On HGTV House Hunters International

Last night on HGTV House Hunters International, a couple decides to sell everything they own in Toronto, Canada to head south for the simple life in Merida, Mexico.

On HGTV “House Hunters International” on Friday night, a hard-working couple decides to make a drastic lifestyle change.

After pursuing successful careers and spending time apart, the Scotts sell everything they own in Toronto, Canada.

They want to come together again and share a life and home in Merida, Mexico. Will all their dreams come true south of the border?

Getting To Know Each Other Again

Greg and Karen Scott have spent much of their time devoted to running businesses and becoming successful.

They have investment properties in Toronto, Canada but are growing tired of being apart.

Living on a boat or in a cottage does not appeal to either of them anymore.

They want to come back together in a single place to run a sofa business and share their lives.

Almost like getting to know each other again, the couple decides to sell everything they own in Toronto to find a home in Merida, Mexico.

They went on a bus trip to Merida awhile back and enjoyed the location very much.

The dynamic duo also feels it will be a good location to run their budding sofa business.

They take a leap into faith by selling everything and heading to Merida to find a home.

With all their assets liquidated, the Scotts have about $500,000 to spend on their new abode in Mexico.

Greg would like to live on a golf course. On the other hand, Karen would prefer to be able to walk everywhere and soak up the vibrant lifestyle in Merida.

Now that they have come together, they will rediscover the fine art of compromise or wind up going their separate ways again?

Three Contrasting Homes In Merida

The real estate agent showed the Scotts three contrasting homes in Merida, a city rich in culture and thriving since the 1500s.

The first home has three bedrooms and three and a half baths with a listing price of $595,000.

Greg falls in love immediately with this attractive home located right on a golf course.

It has a great pool and entertaining area that looks out over the golf course and Greg is sold.

Karen believes he would buy this property immediately without looking at any others.

It has an airy open floor plan and a den to use as an office.

The master bedroom is large with a master bathroom with a huge shower that Karen feels could fit a family.

She is concerned they can’t walk to the shops and the house is over budget.

Karen still wants to shop around despite the fact Greg wants this house right away.

The second house is a palatial structure fit for a princess. It has three bedrooms, two baths and two half baths with a listing price of $565,000.

The courtyard is amazing and resembles a small Merida. The building has false fronts to look like a church and theater.

There is a huge fountain in the center of this unusual courtyard. The inside is dramatic and huge.

Karen is absolutely overwhelmed with the vast size of this home. There is an open terrace and all the living areas are oversize.

The master bedroom is incredible with a hot tub and shower. Greg and Karen can imagine themselves dancing around in this big bedroom.

This home has all the character Karen was looking for.

The third house is listed at $450,000 with three bedrooms and five baths.

It is over 300 years old and located right in the downtown area of Merida near the main square.

There is no parking and the Scotts would have to park on the street. The house is built like the Mayan pyramids to last for centuries.

It is constructed of limestone and is seeped in history. The rooms are spacious and attractive except for the old-fashioned kitchen.

Karen immediately develops a love/hate relationship with the house as she cannot imagine herself cooking in the kitchen.

The rooftop terrace saves the day with incredible views of Merida and delightful breezes.

Can The Scotts Come Together Again?

The search for a home is supposed to bring the Scotts back together after spending so much time on work.

But will the differences in the homes wind up driving them apart?

The first house is completely what Greg wanted while the second one appeals to Karen’s desires.

Ultimately, the couple finds the perfect way to get back together. They choose the third house in Merida and get a sweet deal for $439,000.

Because Greg loves to golf, Karen says they are getting a golf club membership with the cash they saved.

They both feel like royalty on their rooftop terrace overlooking Merida.

Karen has even learned to love the uniquely old-fashioned kitchen space.

Besides feeling happy in their new home, Merida is a very social place and their sofa business is thriving already.

It seems the Scotts found the perfect balance of work and play, something many couples are looking for.

One HGTV “House Hunters International” viewer at Get Glue said, “I’m ready to leave this country!”

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