The Casey Anthony Trial: Family Pets Wrapped For Burial Like Caylee

Family pet burials were the line of questioning today with the defense making comparisons to the way the dead pets were wrapped up and the way Caylee was wrapped up.

The Casey Anthony trial is full of twists and surprises like the one going on today as George and Cindy Anthony are questioned about how the family pets were wrapped for burial when they died.

The defense is still trying to point the finger at George Casey with the story of Caylee Anthony drowning, with these burial questions and with testimony from a woman who claims she had an affair with George Anthony.

Little Caylee’s body was wrapped in a certain way when it was discovered. Duct tape and plastic was used.

The defense questioned both George and Cindy Anthony about the way they wrapped their dead pets through the years, which included dogs and cats.

The detailed questioning and testimony appeared to be leading towards the comparison of they way George wrapped family pets to the way Caylee was wrapped when they found her.

Cindy Anthony talked about one pet in particular, a dog that she was very found of.

She said she wrapped it in one of Caylee’s hooded baby towels before burying it.

The defense may be grabbing at straws with this line of questioning, as they asked if they covered their dead pets mouth and noses with duct tape.

The defense wanted to know if they wrapped their pets in a blanket, plastic and then use duct tape before burying them.

This was similar to the conditions they found in the area where Caylee’s little body was found.

She had duct tape on her skull, she was wrapped in plastic and a blanket was found near-by.

Casey Anthony contends that Caylee drowned in the family pool when she was not at home.

She said she came home to her father holding Caylee’s lifeless body after he found her in the family pool.

He told Caylee she could get arrested for neglect and that her mother, Cindy, would never talk to her again, is what Casey alleges.

She then said the two of them, Casey and her father, wrapped little Caylee up and disposed of her body in the place it was discovered.

George Anthony has emphatically denied this.

One of the more damaging testimonies came from Crystal Holloway, who claims she was George Anthony’s mistress.

She took the stand to say that George had told her that Caylee’s death was an accident and now it had snowballed out of control.

She did not ask George to elaborate at the time because he was welled up in tears, she said.

This testimony is to add creditability to the drowning story that Casey has reported.

Holloway, who has a checkered past with the law, may or may not look creditable to the jury.

She did however stay very consistent when she was cross examined. George denies that he had an affair with this woman.

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