AC Troubleshooting: Tips For Avoiding Issues With Your HVAC System

No one ever wants issues with their HVAC system. There are few things worse for Floridians than realizing their AC isn’t working.

The temperature in your home quickly becomes unbearable, destroying your comfort.

While HVAC issues can’t always be prevented, there are a few things you can do to avoid trouble and keep your unit running smoothly.

Every homeowner should memorize these AC troubleshooting tips to stay cool, even during Orlando’s hottest days.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Your air filter helps catch dust, debris, pet hair, and other contaminants. The more your AC runs, the dirtier this filter will get.

You should check it every 30 days and change it if it looks dirty. Even if you buy the 90-day filters, always take a look and replace them when needed.

Running your HVAC system with dirty filters is also bad for indoor air quality. The collected dirt and dust on your filter can pollute the air and cover your equipment in a layer of grunge, which impairs proper performance. 

Use The Auto Setting

When you check your thermostat, you will see an ‘auto’ setting. This is preferable to using ‘on’ since the ‘auto’ option only activates the fan when your system is cooling or heating.

If you have it set to ‘on,’ your system is constantly operating the fan. This burns more energy and causes more wear and tear on the system.

Care For Your Condenser

Your condenser resides in the outside portion of the AC unit. Severe weather and debris can damage it or prevent proper performance.

Check the unit from time to time and clear away any debris or overgrowth from your landscaping.

Watch Your Condensate Line

When you’re next to your outdoor unit, take a look at the condensate line. This is what your AC uses to drain the moisture it removes from the air inside your home.

When it’s working properly, it should have a steady drip coming out of it while the unit is running. If there isn’t a drip, this indicates blockage. 

Check Your Insulation

When your home is properly insulated, it won’t lose heat or air. Proper insulation helps your HVAC system keep the home cool during hot days and cozy on chillier winter days. You can keep your AC running for years by upgrading your insulation.

Consider A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats let you program the temperature in your home for a designated time frame.

You can conserve energy by adjusting the temperature based on when you’re home. This will also put less strain on the system, which prevents problems from arising.

Keep Air Vents Open

Closing your air vents won’t save your energy. Doing so can lead to performance issues because your AC system is built to handle a certain pressure load for your home.

Additionally, make sure you’re not blocking any of the return vents to keep the optimum airflow for your unit.

Check For Signs Of Leaks

Each month, it helps to look around your indoor unit for signs of water. Any leaks on or around your system could indicate trouble with your drain pan and condensate line. You’ll want to call a technician before the leak causes major damage.

Monitor Your Unit

When your AC unit is running properly, you won’t have unexplained increases in your utility bills.

It should never make strange noises that clunk, bang, buzz, grind, or squeal. All of these are signs that you should have a professional come and take a look to address the problem.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Every year, you should schedule AC maintenance to avoid common problems with HVAC systems.

Your service technician will inspect, clean, and tune up the system. They will also be able to spot any small problems before they become major repairs.

Neglecting to maintain your AC unit will put it at greater risk of breaking down. As most Floridians know, breakdowns tend to occur most often on the hottest days, when the air conditioning unit is working harder to keep the home cool.

Following these troubleshooting tips will help you extend the lifespan of your system and keep your home comfortable.

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from having an AC that’s working efficiently.

However, when you do need AC repair, don’t delay. Call an AC repair company to help you keep your cool!

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