Understanding The Importance Of Energy Performance Certificates

Understanding the Importance of Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have become increasingly more prevalent, as societies awareness surrounding environmental and sustainable practices have become more prominent.

Before we can dive into the importance of these EPC certificates, we need to establish what an EPC is. Click here for professionally delivered EPC surveys.

Explaining EPCs

An EPC provides a rating for a property’s energy efficiency, this rating ranges from A, which is the most efficient, to G, the least efficient.

This can similarly be compared to the colorful stickers which are placed on appliances, this rating however is for properties and valuing their energy consumption. 

EPCs are able to give valuable insights into energy usage and assist potential buying to make better, more informed decisions regarding their energy consumption and costs that they may be held accountable for, therefore EPCs include information on what the energy efficiency rating could be/ should be if you made the recommended improvements as recommended by the energy assessors, energy assessors often are able to highlight more cost effective ways to achieve a better rating and could suggest, for example, switching to more energy efficient light bulbs.

EPCs are mandatory for people involved in the property field, whether it is a landlord or someone selling their property, parties will need to obtain their EPC certificate before listing the property on the market. 

Obtaining An EPC And Why The Importance

Accredited energy assessors are the only ones who may issue an EPC for your property or your business.

However, estate or letting agents will also be able to provide assistance in order to help you to find or obtain one.

If you are in the market looking to buy or rent a property, the EPC enables you to compare the energy efficiency ratings of different properties.

Promoting and ensuring that people are more energy conscious is one of the primary purposes of EPCs.

By being able to evaluate different factors such as insulation, heating systems and lighting, these certificates offer valuable insights into areas where certain improvements can be made to reduce energy consumption.

Therefore they play a vital role, in the broader picture, to combat climate change and therefore assist in reducing carbon emissions. 

Informing Owners

Not only are EPCs valuable for prospective purchasers of property and tenants, however it is also able to guide property owners and enable them to have the tools in order to understand energy performance of their buildings.

It enables a property owner to gain clarity on the current levels and what upgrades he or she can implement in order to reduce their usage and become more energy efficient.

Therefore having a ripple effect by benefiting the environment but also results in property owners and or tenants saving costs due to their reduced energy consumption. 

Empowering Buyers And Tenants

Prospective buyers and tenants are often the people who look for EPC as they are a valuable tool for understanding the building.

By obtaining an EPC, owners are able to gain clarity on the efficiency levels of their properties and what improvements they could make or implement in order to reduce costs and be more energy efficient. 

Encouraging Sustainable Practices

There are legal obligations that are required whereby regulatory bodies mandate that EPCs are available, however aside from the legal obligations these Certificates encourage the adoption of sustainable practices in the real estate sector.

Promoting energy-efficient building designs and renovations, therefore the goal in essence will be to create more environmentally friendly communities, and additionally EPCs help to incentivize property owners to invest in alternative forms of energy such as renewable energy sources and eco-friendly technologies. 

Economics Behind EPCs

The initial cost for EPCs is often the biggest hurdle to overcome, which is often the initial reason as to why some property owners deter from obtaining them, however, the long term economic benefits outweigh the initial cost, and simultaneously enhances the value of the property. 

EPC have become and still are becoming prominent in todays society, whereby they play an integral role in promoting and enhancing energy efficiency as well as providing property owners and consumers to implement and foster more sustainable practices.

EPCs are able to contribute to environmental conservation efforts and reduce costs, enhance property values and promote sustainable living. What’s not to like? 

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