Where Does Ainsley Earhardt Live?

Viewers of Fox and Friends cannot help but wonder, “Where does Ainsley Earhardt live?”.

The stunning presenter has caught the attention of several viewers, and her charisma has proved irresistible. And this post aims to reveal more about her private home.

Ainsley Earhardt lives in an elaborate, beautiful Spartanburg, South Carolina mansion.

The mansion is a 5,500 square feet piece, which she spent eight million dollars to attain.

What is known is that it features about five bedrooms and six restrooms for the occupants’ convenience.

She had also been to New York to cover stories for occupational reasons.

Ainsley doesn’t have much information about her residence hanging around the internet.

Of course, one can imagine she would want as much privacy as possible. Nevertheless, read on to find out interesting facts about Ainsley Earhardt’s home.

Where Does Ainsley Earhardt Live?

Ainsley Earhardt is an anchor for “FOX and Friends” and a journalist. She also works as a reporter and actively writes for Fox News Channel.

It’s interesting to know that she has her own segment on FOX News Channel’s The Sean Hannity Show called “Ainsley Across America.”

Here are some details on her property portfolio:

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Ainsley Earhardt has an elaborate, beautiful mansion that is 5,500 square feet and located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This is the place the presenter calls her home amidst other unrecognized properties she may have.  

It has been reported that Ainsley Earhardt spent $8 million for the house she currently resides in.

This property has a total of 5 bedrooms and 6 restrooms for its occupants’ convenience.

Ainsley Earhardt’s possessions include six pieces of real estate, five automobiles, and one luxury yacht.

Additionally included in Ainsley Earhardt’s Assets Inventory are Currency Deposits totaling over $6 million.

She owns an investment collection of eight companies worth $8 million collectively.


Ainsley’s residence is a topic that has been kept away from the public quite well. Still, there is little to share about the presenter’s home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How Did Ainsley Get To Afford Her Mansion?

Ainsley has an estimated net worth of 32 million dollars.

Prior to earning her degree from USC, Ainsley Earhardt landed a gig as correspondent at WLTX. She had begun making her money at an early stage.

2.) Why Did Ainsley Earhardt Travel To New York City?

After the attacks on September 11, Ainsley Earhardt went to New York City.

Her goal was to cover a story regarding middle school students in South Carolina who had accumulated nearly $500,000 in funds.

The children wanted to donate the funds to firefighters in New York City who had lost a fire truck during the 9/11 attacks.

3.) What Made Ainsley Earhardt Eventually Move To New York?

Ainsley relocated to New York in 2007 to join the Fox News Channel.

She was the co-host for various television shows at the time. Including Fox and Friends Weekend and America’s News HQ.

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