Where Does Ben Shapiro Live

Are you curious about where does Ben Shapiro live? Look no further. After doing some research, it appears that Shapiro currently resides in Boca Raton, South Florida.

While details about his new home are scarce, a YouTube Shorts upload on the ANY HOME channel provides some insight into his California house.

It’s worth noting that Shapiro has made some recent moves, including leaving his position at The Daily Wire to start his own media company, The Daily Wire Plus.

He also recently moved from Los Angeles to Florida, joining other prominent conservatives who have made the move to the Sunshine State.

Despite the move, Shapiro continues to host The Ben Shapiro Show, a popular podcast and radio show where he shares his opinions on current events and politics.

Early Life And Education

Ben Shapiro was born on January 15, 1984, in Los Angeles, California. He attended Walter Reed Middle School in The Valley, where he skipped third grade.

Shapiro then went on to attend Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles, also known as YULA.

He skipped ninth grade and graduated from YULA in 2000 at the age of 16.

After high school, Shapiro attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

During his time at UCLA, Shapiro was an editor for the Daily Bruin, the university’s student newspaper.

Following his undergraduate studies, Shapiro attended Harvard Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

While at Harvard, Shapiro wrote for the Harvard Law Review and was a member of the Federalist Society.

Shapiro’s education has played a significant role in shaping his political views. He has often spoken about his experiences at UCLA and Harvard Law School, where he felt like a minority due to his conservative beliefs.

Shapiro has also been critical of the liberal bias he perceives in higher education, particularly in the social sciences and humanities.

Overall, Shapiro’s early life and education have had a significant impact on his career as a conservative political pundit and media personality.


Ben Shapiro is a well-known conservative political commentator, author, and lawyer.

He has had a varied career that has included working at a law firm, running his legal consultancy firm, and working in the media.

In this section, we will explore some of the highlights of his career.

The Daily Wire

Ben Shapiro is the founder of The Daily Wire, a conservative news website that he launched in 2015. The site has grown rapidly and now boasts millions of monthly visitors.

Shapiro serves as the editor-in-chief of the site, and he is known for his hard-hitting commentary and willingness to take on controversial topics.

The Ben Shapiro Show

Listeners of podcasts or live radio shows will likely be familiar with The Ben Shapiro Show, a daily conservative political podcast and live radio broadcast hosted by Ben Shapiro.

The show covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, and current events.

The show has become incredibly popular, and it is now syndicated on over 200 radio stations across the country.

Authoring Books

Ben Shapiro is also a prolific author, having written several books on politics and culture.

His first book, “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth,” was published in 2004 when he was just 20 years old.

Since then, he has written several other books, including “The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great” and “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.”

Shapiro’s books are known for their clear, concise writing style and their willingness to take on controversial topics.

He is a nationally syndicated columnist and has contributed to several publications, including Newsweek and AMI Magazine.

Overall, Ben Shapiro has had a varied and successful career, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Whether you agree with his politics or not, there is no denying that he has made a significant impact on the conservative media landscape.

Political Ideology

Ben Shapiro is a well-known conservative commentator who has been vocal about his political beliefs.

He identifies as a conservative and has been associated with libertarianism in the past.

Shapiro is known for his strong stance on free speech and his opposition to what he sees as the left’s attempts to stifle it.

Shapiro’s conservatism extends to his views on social issues. He is pro-life and has been vocal about his opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

Shapiro’s views on immigration are also conservative, and he has been critical of policies that he sees as too lenient.

Climate change is an issue that Shapiro has been vocal about, and he has been critical of what he sees as alarmism around the issue.

He has argued that the science around climate change is not settled and that the left’s proposed solutions would be too costly and ineffective.

Overall, Shapiro’s political ideology is firmly rooted in conservatism. He is a vocal advocate for conservative values and has been critical of what he sees as the left’s attempts to undermine them.

Personal Life

Ben Shapiro is known for his conservative political commentary and media personality, but he also has a personal life that includes family and religion.


Ben Shapiro is married to Mor Shapiro, who is a doctor. The couple has three children together.

Their daughter’s name is Leeya Eliana Shapiro, and their sons’ names are Noa Shapiro and Abigail Shapiro.

Abigail is a singer and has gained a following on social media for her covers of popular songs.

Ben Shapiro comes from a conservative Jewish family, and he has spoken publicly about his family’s values and beliefs. His sister, Abigail Shapiro, is also a conservative commentator.


Ben Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew, and his faith is an important part of his life. He has spoken publicly about his religious beliefs and how they inform his political views.

Ben Shapiro has criticized those who he believes are hostile to religious freedom, and he has advocated for the rights of religious minorities.

In addition to his faith, Ben Shapiro is also known for his support of conservative values and his opposition to progressive policies.

He has been a vocal critic of the Democratic Party and has advocated for limited government and individual liberty.

Overall, Ben Shapiro’s personal life is shaped by his faith, his family, and his political beliefs.


Ben Shapiro is no stranger to controversy. As a conservative political commentator, he has made many statements that have drawn criticism from various groups.

Here are some of the most notable controversies involving Ben Shapiro:

  • Alt-Right Movement: Ben Shapiro has been a vocal critic of the alt-right movement, which he has described as a “garbage movement” that is “anti-Semitic, white nationalist, and racist.” This has led to him receiving criticism and even death threats from members of the alt-right.
  • FBI: In 2018, it was reported that the FBI had investigated a death threat made against Ben Shapiro. The threat was made on Twitter and included a picture of a gun. The FBI ultimately determined that the threat was not credible.
  • Death Threats: Ben Shapiro has received numerous death threats over the years, both online and in person. In one particularly disturbing incident, a man was arrested for planning to bomb an event where Shapiro was scheduled to speak.
  • Harassment: Ben Shapiro has also been the target of harassment campaigns, particularly on college campuses. In one instance, protesters disrupted a speech he was giving at the University of California, Berkeley, causing the event to be cancelled.
  • Free Speech: Ben Shapiro is a strong advocate for free speech and has been critical of what he sees as attempts to stifle conservative voices on college campuses. He has spoken out against “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings,” arguing that they are an attempt to silence conservative viewpoints.

Despite the controversies surrounding him, Ben Shapiro remains a popular figure among conservatives and continues to be a vocal advocate for conservative values.

Net Worth

Ben Shapiro’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of August 2023. He has made his fortune through various sources such as writing, hosting radio shows, podcasts, and book royalties.

He is also the founder of The Daily Wire, a conservative news and opinion website that generates substantial revenue from advertising and social media.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shapiro’s net worth was previously estimated to be $20 million.

It is unclear how he managed to increase his net worth by such a significant margin in a short period of time.

However, it is likely that his media company has played a significant role in his financial success.

As a high-income earner, it is safe to assume that Shapiro pays a considerable amount in income tax.

While the exact amount is not publicly available, it is likely that he pays a significant percentage of his income in taxes.

Overall, Ben Shapiro’s net worth is a testament to his success in the media industry.

He has managed to build a substantial following and create a profitable media company, which has allowed him to accumulate significant wealth.

Where Does Ben Shapiro Live

If you’re curious about where Ben Shapiro lives, you’re not alone. The political commentator and author has lived in several places throughout his career.

Here’s a breakdown of his homes in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Florida.

Los Angeles Home

Ben Shapiro’s former home in Los Angeles was a 6,500-square-foot estate located in Valley Village. The property featured six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a guesthouse.

The house was listed for sale in October 2020 for $2.9 million. It was steeped in Hollywood history and had a fireplace, among other amenities.

Nashville Home

Ben Shapiro announced in 2020 that he was relocating his family and The Daily Wire’s corporate headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee.

The move was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to live in a more conservative state.

The exact location of his Nashville home is unknown, but the move has been confirmed by several sources.

Florida Home

Ben Shapiro’s current home is in South Florida, specifically in the city of Boca Raton.

The Daily Wire launched a program from his Florida home, which has been seen in several videos.

The house features a tiki hut and a pool, among other amenities.

Overall, Ben Shapiro has lived in several places throughout his career, including New York and California.

His move to Nashville and Florida has been well-documented in right-wing media.

If you’re interested in his interior design choices or the specifics of his homes, you can consult a realtor or check out photos online.

Key Takeaways

If you’re curious about where Ben Shapiro lives, here are the key takeaways:

  • Ben Shapiro relocated his family to South Florida and The Daily Wire’s corporate headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee in 2020.
  • While his business runs out of Nashville, Shapiro’s home is located in Boca Raton, South Florida.
  • Shapiro is a busy family man who prioritizes time with his wife in the evenings. He observes the Jewish calendar as a devout Jew.
  • He begins his day early with family responsibilities, reviewing the news, and praying before work. He splits his time between his podcast, writing, working out, and other projects for Daily Wire+.

Overall, Ben Shapiro is a successful lawyer-political commentator, writer, and radio show host who takes home USD 55,000 per year.

He has written 7 books, writes for Creative Syndicate, is the chief editor of The Daily Wire, and the co-founder of TruthRevolt.

He also complements his DailyWire site with podcasts.

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