Where Does Bryce Harper Live?

Have you ever wondered where does Bryce Harper live? If you’re a fan of baseball, you’re likely familiar with Bryce Harper, the talented outfielder who has played for the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Harper has owned several homes throughout his career, and his current residence may surprise you.

According to recent reports, Bryce Harper and his family have moved to Knoxville, Tennessee.

This move is a departure from Harper’s previous homes in Las Vegas and Haddonfield, New Jersey.

While it’s unclear exactly where Harper’s new home is located in Knoxville, it’s safe to assume that it’s a beautiful and spacious property, given Harper’s past real estate purchases.

Despite his move to Tennessee, Harper is still a member of the Philadelphia Phillies and will continue to play for the team during the baseball season.

It’s unclear whether Harper’s move to Knoxville is permanent or temporary, but either way, it’s clear that he and his family are enjoying their new surroundings.

Where Does Bryce Harper Live

City and State

Bryce Harper, the American professional baseball player, currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He has two homes in the Las Vegas area, one of which is located on the Rio Secco Golf Course in Seven Hills.

The other home, which he purchased in 2019, is situated in a gated community.

The newer home is a custom-built property with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, boasting over 7,000 square feet of living space.

The house features a modern design with high-end finishes and a spacious, open floor plan. The property also includes a three-car garage and a backyard with a pool and spa.

Harper’s previous home, which he still owns, is a 5,700 square foot house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The house was built in 2014 and is also located in a gated community.

The property features a large backyard with a covered patio and a built-in BBQ, perfect for entertaining guests.

Overall, Bryce Harper has made Las Vegas his home base, with two luxurious properties in the area.

Previous Residences Of Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is a professional baseball player who has played for various teams throughout his career.

He has lived in several different places, including Nevada and Washington D.C. Here are some details about his previous residences.

Nevada Residence

Harper’s Nevada residence is located in the Las Vegas area. It is a new custom home that is located on the Rio Secco Golf Course in Seven Hills.

Harper purchased the house in 2016, three years before signing a massive $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

The house features a modern design with sleek lines and large windows that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Some of the notable features of the house include a gourmet kitchen, a home theater, and a large outdoor pool.

Washington D.C. Residence

Before moving to Nevada, Harper lived in Washington D.C. and owned a luxurious penthouse apartment in the city’s trendy Navy Yard neighborhood.

The apartment had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and over 2,500 square feet of space.

The apartment was located in a high-rise building that offered stunning views of the city skyline.

It featured an open floor plan, high-end finishes, and modern amenities.

Some of the notable features of the apartment included a large balcony, a gourmet kitchen, and a spacious master suite.

Harper sold the apartment in 2017 for $2.3 million, shortly before signing with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Factors Influencing Bryce Harper’s Residence Location

When it comes to choosing a place to live, there are several factors that can influence a person’s decision.

In the case of Bryce Harper, there are a few key factors that have likely played a role in determining where he chooses to reside.


Family is often a significant factor when it comes to choosing where to live.

Bryce Harper is married with children, and it’s likely that his family’s needs and preferences have played a role in his decision-making process.


As a professional baseball player, Bryce Harper’s career has likely influenced his choice of residence.

For instance, he may have chosen a location that is close to his team’s stadium or that has a strong baseball community. Additionally, he may have chosen a location that provides easy access to other teams and events.


Bryce Harper is known to enjoy golfing, hunting, and fishing, among other activities.

It’s possible that he has chosen a location that allows him to pursue these hobbies and interests.

For example, he may have chosen a location that is close to good golf courses or that has good fishing opportunities.

Personal Preferences

Finally, personal preferences can also play a role in where someone chooses to live.

For example, Bryce Harper may have chosen a location that has a certain climate or that provides access to certain amenities.

Additionally, he may have chosen a location that aligns with his personal values or that has a certain cultural vibe.

Overall, there are several factors that may have influenced Bryce Harper’s choice of residence.

While we can’t know for sure what factors he considered, it’s likely that a combination of family, career, lifestyle, and personal preferences played a role in his decision-making process.

Privacy Concerns Regarding Celebrity Residences

When it comes to celebrities, privacy is always a concern. This is especially true when it comes to their residences.

Fans and paparazzi alike are always on the lookout for where their favorite stars live, and this can lead to a number of privacy concerns.

For Bryce Harper, privacy is likely a top priority. As a professional baseball player with a massive following, he likely wants to keep his personal life as private as possible.

This is why he has opted to live in gated communities in both Las Vegas and New Jersey.

Living in a gated community can provide a number of benefits when it comes to privacy.

These communities are often heavily secured, with guards stationed at the entrance and around the perimeter.

This can help to keep unwanted visitors out, including fans and paparazzi.

Of course, living in a gated community is not foolproof. There have been instances where fans and paparazzi have managed to gain access to these communities, either by posing as delivery drivers or by sneaking in through other means.

This is why it is important for celebrities like Bryce Harper to take additional steps to protect their privacy, such as installing security cameras and other surveillance equipment.

Overall, privacy concerns are a real issue for celebrities like Bryce Harper.

By living in gated communities and taking additional security measures, he is doing his best to protect his personal life from prying eyes.

Key Takeaways

If you are a fan of Bryce Harper and wondering where he lives, you have come to the right place.

Here are the key takeaways from our research:

  • Bryce Harper currently has two homes, one in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and the other in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Harper’s Haddonfield home is a ranch-style house built in 2017 with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It sits on a 0.32-acre plot and has 5,625 sq ft of indoor living space.
  • Harper’s Las Vegas home is a new custom home located on the Rio Secco Golf Course in Seven Hills. It has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and over 7,000 sq ft of space.
  • Despite signing with the Philadelphia Phillies, Harper decided to keep his Las Vegas home and will only be moving his family to Knoxville, Tennessee, for the offseason.
  • Harper grew up in Las Vegas and attended high school there before being drafted by the Washington Nationals in 2010.

In summary, Bryce Harper has two beautiful homes, one in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and the other in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While he will be moving his family to Knoxville, Tennessee, for the offseason, he will still call Las Vegas his home.

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