Where Does Dave Chapelle Live?

Fans of comedy, whether stand-up or movies, may wonder, “Where does Dave Chapelle live?”.

The star has made a name in the industry for his roles in leading humorous movies and entertaining stand-up shows.

All these together have given him recognition enough to make him a multi-millionaire.

So where does this prominent comedian live, and what do his fans need to know about his abode?

Dave Chapelle lives in the Southwest region of Yellow Springs, Ohio, on 39-acre farmland.

He acquired the luxurious property just before his show launched back in January 2005.

He also has properties at 314 Dayton Street, 403 Xenia Ave, 221 Xenia Ave, and 225 Corry St.

He has more properties at 1425 Brookside Drive, Railroad Street, and Xenia Ave.

Dave is not only wealthy, but he also has a taste for the most luxurious apartments.

Read on to learn more about Dave Chapelle’s different properties and where they are situated.

Where Does Dave Chapelle Live?

Dave Chapelle, born David Khari Webber, entered this world in 1973.

He has worked in film production, comedy, and acting and has done a marvelous job.

Among the top stand-up comedians, he was even recognized by Comedy Central.

Here are the properties owned by Dave Chapelle and some of their luxurious features:

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Dave Chappelle makes his home in the Southwest of Yellow Springs, Ohio, on his own 39-acre farm.

He bought the house he currently resides in back in January 2005. This was not long before the premiere of his show, The Chappelle Show.

There are three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in his 3,154 square foot home in Ohio.

Although he was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, he spent most of his childhood summers in Yellow Springs.

314 Dayton Street

As of the 1st of December 2020, Chappelle paid $480,000 for the commercial property located at 314 Dayton St. The land area is approximately 1.4 acres.

According to minutes from a 2021 meeting, he intended to use the space for his company.

He also plans it for WYSO, a national public radio station with a nearby transmitter that serves the Southwest Ohio region.

403 Xenia Ave

The little apartment and office building were purchased by Chappelle for $390,000 during the first summer of the pandemic.

It is conveniently located near his other holdings. Its value has risen to almost $549,000, according to Realtor.

221 Xenia Ave

According to public records, this commercial structure with retail space is one of two properties that Chappelle purchased last summer.

Google Street View photographs from September show the building, once used by women’s clothing importer Earth Rose International Imports, to be vacant.

225 Corry St.

According to public records, in 2020, Chappelle paid an undisclosed sum to acquire this decommissioned firehouse.

The Dayton Daily News says the comedian intended to launch a venue called Live from YS. A restaurant will be added as part of the refurbishments.

1425 Brookside Drive

This two-building property is located within walking distance of 221 Xenia. According to public records, it was Chappelle’s second purchase in July of last year.

150 Railroad Street

Chappelle reportedly dropped $600,000 for a four-bedroom home just two minutes from the site of the future radio station.

It sat on a half-acre site and was built in 1900, per the listing on Realtor. It’s a colonial house, complete with whitewashed brick.

309 Xenia Ave

This building was the first in a series of commercial properties along Xenia Avenue that Chappelle purchased in March 2020.

1540 Xenia Ave

Chappelle paid little under $100,000 for the barely over a quarter acre commercially zoned property, citing the public records.


From all instances, one can tell that Dave has a taste for building. Not only that, he is simply in love with accumulating as many as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What Moved Dave Chapelle To Live In Yellow Springs?

The breakup of Chappelle’s parents was a significant factor in his decision to settle in Yellow Springs.

When he was six years old, his parents split up, and his father relocated to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

2.) Who Was Dave Chapelle’s Father?

William David Chappelle III, Chappelle’s father, was an Ohio music professor and civil rights activist. At Antioch College, he served as dean of students.

3.) How Much Did Dave Purchase His Present House?

Dave bought a house in Ohio for $309,000, and the Realtor says it’s now worth $433,500.

According to the deed, the original part of the home was erected somewhere in the early 1900s, while the 1950s extension was added.

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