Where Does Not Enough Nelsons Live?

Are you curious where does “Not Enough Nelsons” live? Are you a fan of the Youtube channel stars?

In this article, we will explore the whereabouts of the Nelson family and their stunning mansion.

Tiffany and Benji Nelson, the proud parents of 16 kids, ranging from 22 years old to five months old, live in a huge mansion that sprawls over three floors.

The mansion features 10 bathrooms, a piano, home gym, and even has its own gym.

The family-of-18 has revealed the inside of their stunning mansion in several YouTube videos, including vlogs, challenges, and skits.

The Nelson family resides in Utah, a state in the western United States. They run the YouTube channel called “Not Enough Nelsons,” which has over 1.5 million subscribers.

The channel features videos of their daily lives, including their travels and adventures, as well as their challenges and struggles as a large family.

Stay tuned to find out more about the Nelson family and their exciting lives.

Who Are The Not Enough Nelsons

The Not Enough Nelsons are a big American family consisting of two parents, Tiffany and Benji Nelson, and their 18 children.

The family has gained popularity through their YouTube channel, where they share their daily lives, challenges, and adventures.

Family Members

The Nelsons have a large family, with 7 biological children and 9 adopted children.

Two of their children, Josh and Chase, are not biologically related to the family but are considered part of the family and are like uncles to the younger children.

The family’s children range in age from 22 years old to five months old.

Here is a table showing the names and ages of the Nelson family members:

Brooklyn5 mos.

The Nelsons live in Utah, where they have a stunning mansion that sprawls over three floors, features 10 bathrooms, and even has its own gym.

The family has revealed the inside of their mansion on their YouTube channel, showcasing their beautiful home and giving viewers a glimpse into their daily lives.

In addition to their YouTube channel, the Nelsons also have a Facebook page with over 600,000 likes, where they share updates and connect with their fans.

The family is known for their positive attitude and friendly demeanor, and they have become beloved by many viewers who tune in to watch their daily adventures.

Where Does Not Enough Nelsons Live?

Current Residence

Not Enough Nelsons is a family of 18 who gained popularity through their YouTube channel.

They currently reside in a huge mansion in Utah, USA.

The mansion is a three-story building that features 10 bathrooms, a home gym, and an enormous dining table.

The mansion also has a piano, which the family members use to showcase their musical talents.

The family has given their followers a glimpse of their mansion through their YouTube videos.

They have also shared a second-floor house tour, where they showed their bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas of the house.

The family is proud to call this mansion their home, and they love sharing their daily lives with their followers.

Previous Locations

There is no information available on the internet about the previous locations where Not Enough Nelsons lived.

However, the family has shared that they have 9 adopted children and 7 biological children.

They have also revealed that some of their children were born in different countries, including China and Ethiopia.

Despite the lack of information about their previous locations, Not Enough Nelsons has built a massive following on their YouTube channel.

They share their daily lives, their travels, and their experiences with their followers.

They also inspire their followers to be kind, loving, and supportive of one another.

In conclusion, Not Enough Nelsons is a family of 18 who currently reside in a massive mansion in Utah.

While there is no information available about their previous locations, the family has shared their experiences and their journey with their followers.

They continue to inspire their followers to be kind, loving, and supportive of one another.

Their Home

If you’re a fan of the Not Enough Nelsons family, you may be curious about where they live.

The Nelson family resides in a massive mansion that spans three floors and has 10 bathrooms.

The house is located in Utah, where the family runs their YouTube channel.

House Tour

If you want to see what the Nelson’s house looks like, you’re in luck!

The family has posted a house tour on their YouTube channel.

The tour is split into two parts, one for the first floor and one for the second floor.

During the tour, you can see the different rooms of the house, including the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and gym.

One thing that stands out about the Nelson’s house is its size.

With 18 people living in the house, there’s plenty of space to go around.

The house also has a modern and stylish design, with plenty of natural light and open spaces.


The Nelson’s house is located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in Utah.

The family has mentioned that they love their neighborhood and the community they live in.

It’s a great place for kids to grow up, with plenty of parks and outdoor activities nearby.

Overall, the Nelson family’s home is a beautiful and spacious mansion located in a great neighborhood in Utah.

If you’re interested in seeing more of their home, be sure to check out their house tour on YouTube.

Online Presence

Not Enough Nelsons is a popular family vlogging channel on YouTube.

They also have a presence on several social media platforms.

YouTube Channel

Not Enough Nelsons YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers and features videos of the family’s daily life, challenges, and skits.

The channel was created on July 27, 2017, and has since gained a massive following.

The family posts new videos every week, and their most popular videos have millions of views.

The channel’s content is family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

The family’s positive and fun-loving attitude has attracted a loyal fan base, and they often interact with their viewers through comments and social media.

Social Media Profiles

In addition to their YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons has a presence on several social media platforms.

Fans can follow the family on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Instagram, the family shares photos and updates about their daily life with their 550k followers.

They also use the platform to promote their latest videos and collaborations.

Their Facebook page has over 630k likes and is updated regularly with new content.

Fans can also interact with the family through comments and messages.

The family’s Twitter account has over 15k followers and is used to share updates and interact with fans.

Overall, Not Enough Nelsons has a strong online presence and has built a loyal following through their positive and family-friendly content.

Key Takeaways

Not Enough Nelsons is a YouTube family channel that features the Nelson family. They are a big American family with 7 biological children and 9 adopted children, making a total of 16 kids.

They live in Utah, USA, where they own a huge mansion that spreads across three floors and features 10 bathrooms.

The Nelson family frequently posts videos on their YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons, which has over 1 million subscribers.

They share their daily life, family events, and adventures with their followers. The family is known for their fun, loving, and positive attitude.

The Nelson family’s mansion is a stunning house that features a gym, a huge kitchen, a game room, a home theater, and a swimming pool.

The house has 11 bedrooms, which can accommodate the entire family and their guests comfortably.

The house is beautifully decorated with modern furniture and has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

The Nelson family’s YouTube channel has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and they have become an inspiration to many people.

They show that despite having a big family, it is possible to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Their videos are entertaining, and they always spread positivity and good vibes.

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