Where Does Stephen King Live?

Where does Stephen King live? As one of the most prolific horror writers of our time, King has written countless novels and short stories that have kept readers on the edge of their seats for years. But where does he call home?

Despite his success and wealth, King still resides in his home state of Maine.

He has lived in his current home in Bangor, Maine for over 37 years, but recently announced that he will be relocating to his vacation home in Center Lovell, Maine and his permanent residence in Casey Key, Florida.

King’s home in Bangor has become a popular tourist attraction for fans of his work, and many have made the pilgrimage to see the house that inspired some of his most famous stories.

If you’re planning a trip to Maine and want to catch a glimpse of Stephen King’s iconic home, keep in mind that it is a private residence and not open to the public.

However, you can still take a drive by the house and snap a photo from the street. And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the master of horror himself.

Where Does Stephen King Live?


You may be wondering where Stephen King currently resides. The famous author has two homes, one in Florida and one in Maine.

His permanent residence is in Casey Key, Florida, where he has a 6,817 square-foot home. He purchased this home in April 2001 for $8.9 million.

The home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a tennis court that was constructed around 2014.

King’s other home is in Center Lovell, Maine, where he spends his summers.

This home is a beautiful Victorian mansion that was built in 1870.

The house has seven bedrooms, six fireplaces, and a wrap-around porch. The property also includes a boathouse and a guesthouse.


King’s home in Casey Key, Florida, is a stunning beachfront property. The house is built on stilts and has a modern design.

The interior of the house is decorated with modern furnishings and artwork. The house has large windows that offer breathtaking views of the ocean.

King’s home in Center Lovell, Maine, is a historic mansion that has been beautifully restored.

The house has a classic Victorian design with intricate woodwork and stained glass windows.

The interior of the house is decorated with antique furnishings and artwork. The house has a cozy and welcoming feel, with plenty of space for entertaining guests.

Both of King’s homes are located in beautiful and peaceful areas.

They offer the perfect retreat for the author to relax and work on his next novel.

Stephen King’s Previous Residences

First House

You might be surprised to learn that Stephen King’s first house wasn’t the iconic Victorian mansion that he’s known for.

In fact, King’s first house was a small rental property in Hermon, Maine, which he and his wife Tabitha rented for $150 a month in the early 1970s.

The couple lived in this house while King was working as a teacher and struggling to make ends meet as a writer.

Despite the small size of the house, King managed to write his first published novel, “Carrie,” while living there.

Second House

After the success of “Carrie,” King and his family moved to a larger house in Orrington, Maine.

This house, which was built in 1858, is often referred to as the “haunted house” because of its spooky appearance and history.

King and his family lived in this house for many years and it was during this time that he wrote some of his most famous works, including “The Shining,” “Salem’s Lot,” and “The Stand.”

Third House

In 1980, King and his family moved to the now-famous Victorian mansion in Bangor, Maine.

This house, which was built in 1870, is the house that most people associate with King and has become a tourist attraction for fans of his work.

The house is often referred to as the “King’s Mansion” and has been the inspiration for many of King’s stories, including “Pet Sematary” and “IT.”

King and his family lived in this house for over 30 years before moving to their current residences in Center Lovell, Maine, and Casey Key, Florida.

Stephen King’s Writing Studio


You may be wondering where Stephen King writes his chilling horror stories. Well, wonder no more.

King’s writing studio is located in the town of Bangor, Maine, where he has lived for many years.

The studio is situated on the third floor of his house, which is a beautiful Victorian mansion.


Walking into King’s writing studio, you’ll immediately notice the large wooden desk in the center of the room.

The desk is cluttered with books, papers, and other writing supplies. Behind the desk, there is a bookshelf filled with books, including many of King’s own works.

The walls of the studio are lined with posters, artwork, and memorabilia from King’s favorite movies and TV shows.

There’s a comfortable armchair in the corner of the room, perfect for taking a break from writing and reading a good book.

One of the most unique features of King’s writing studio is the spider web design on the windows.

King has a fascination with spiders, and the spider web design adds a touch of spookiness to the room.

Overall, King’s writing studio is a cozy and inspiring space where he has written many of his best-selling novels.

It’s a must-see for any Stephen King fan visiting Bangor, Maine.

Stephen King’s Favorite Places in Maine


If you’re a fan of Stephen King, you may be curious about where he likes to spend his time in Maine.

Some of his favorite places are located in Bangor, Maine, where he used to live.

One of his favorite spots is Mount Hope Cemetery, which provided inspiration for his writing.

Another favorite location is the Bangor Public Library, where he spent countless hours reading and researching for his novels.


Mount Hope Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in America and covers approximately 300 acres.

It was designed by architect Charles G. Bryant and built in the 1830s. The cemetery has a gothic feel, with its winding paths and old gravestones.

Stephen King has mentioned that he likes to walk through the cemetery to clear his head and find inspiration for his writing.

The Bangor Public Library is a beautiful building that was built in 1912.

It has a large collection of books and other materials, making it a great resource for research.

Stephen King has mentioned that he used to spend hours at the library, researching for his novels and finding inspiration for his writing.

The library also has a special room dedicated to Stephen King, where you can find many of his books and other materials related to his writing.

Overall, Stephen King has many favorite places in Maine, but Mount Hope Cemetery and the Bangor Public Library are two of his most beloved.

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, you may want to visit these locations to get a better sense of the places that inspired his writing.

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