Where Does Travis Kelce Live?

Are you a fan and wants to know where does Travis Kelce live? Then, you are not alone!

Kelce has become a household name in the NFL and his luxurious lifestyle off the field has attracted plenty of attention.

Fortunately, we’ve done some digging to find out where Kelce calls home.

According to our research, Kelce lives in a luxury high-rise building in Kansas City’s Power and Light District.

The building, called One Light Luxury, has 25 stories and is located in the heart of downtown.

Kelce’s unit reportedly costs around $3,400 a month, which is a steal considering the building’s prime location and numerous amenities.

Kelce’s home features direct access to a rooftop pool, a fitness center, and a resident lounge.

The building also has a 24-hour concierge service, which is perfect for a busy NFL player like Kelce.

With its modern design and breathtaking views of the city, it’s no wonder Kelce chose to call One Light Luxury home.

Travis Kelce’s Career In Football

Travis Kelce is a well-known American football player who has made a name for himself in the National Football League (NFL).

He was born in Westlake, Ohio, on October 5, 1989, and attended the University of Cincinnati where he played college football.

Kelce was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Since then, he has become one of the league’s top tight ends.

He is known for his impressive athleticism, speed, and ability to make big plays.

Throughout his career, Kelce has received numerous accolades.

He has been selected to the Pro Bowl eight times and has been named a first-team All-Pro four times.

Kelce also holds the NFL record for most consecutive and most overall seasons with 1,000 yards receiving by a tight end with seven.

In 2022, Kelce signed a four-year contract extension with the Chiefs worth $57.25 million, making him one of the highest-paid tight ends in the league.

Kelce’s success on the field has helped him amass a net worth of approximately $20 million.

He has also become a popular figure off the field, known for his charismatic personality and philanthropic efforts.

Overall, Travis Kelce’s career in football has been nothing short of impressive.

He has established himself as one of the league’s top players and has become a fan favorite both on and off the field.

Where Does Travis Kelce Live?

If you’re wondering where Travis Kelce lives, you’ve come to the right place.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has been known to live a lavish lifestyle, and his current residence is no exception.

According to reports, Travis Kelce currently lives in a luxury high-rise apartment in the Power and Light district of Kansas City.

The residential building is known as One Light Luxury and was constructed in 2015.

The monthly rent for the most expensive unit is reportedly $3,400, which is a small price to pay for the amenities that come with it.

The One Light Luxury building is located in an affluent neighborhood, and it offers a variety of amenities that cater to the high-end lifestyle.

Some of the amenities include a rooftop pool, a fitness center, a game room, and a dog park.

The building also has a 24-hour concierge service, which adds to the convenience and luxury of living in the building.

Travis Kelce’s apartment is said to be located on one of the higher floors of the building, which offers stunning views of the city.

The apartment is reportedly decorated with modern and stylish furnishings, which adds to the overall luxurious feel of the space.

Overall, Travis Kelce’s current residence is a prime example of his luxurious lifestyle.

The One Light Luxury building offers all the amenities and conveniences one could ask for, and it’s located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Kansas City.

Privacy And Security Concerns

When it comes to living the life of a celebrity, privacy and security concerns are always a major issue.

Travis Kelce is no exception, as he is one of the most popular and well-known football players in the world.

One of the main concerns for Travis Kelce is the safety of his family and property.

To ensure their safety, he has installed a state-of-the-art security system in his home.

The system includes surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and an alarm system that is connected to the local police department.

In addition to the security system, Travis Kelce also employs a team of security personnel to ensure that his family and property are always safe.

The team includes trained professionals who are equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

Another concern for Travis Kelce is his privacy.

As a celebrity, he is constantly in the public eye, and his personal life is always under scrutiny.

To maintain his privacy, he has taken several measures, such as installing privacy screens on his windows and using a gated entrance to his property.

Travis Kelce is also careful about who he allows into his home.

He only invites close friends and family members, and he always ensures that they are respectful of his privacy and the privacy of his family.

Overall, Travis Kelce takes privacy and security very seriously, and he has taken several measures to ensure that his family and property are always safe and secure.

Key Takeaways

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, lives in a luxurious high-rise apartment that he began renting in 2018.

The apartment is in a prime location in the city and has stunning views of the skyline.

In addition to his apartment, Kelce also owns a four-bedroom home in the Briarcliff West neighborhood of Kansas City.

The home was purchased in March 2019 for just under a million dollars and has a spacious backyard and modern amenities.

Kelce has amassed a net worth of approximately $20 million and signed a 4-year contract extension with the Chiefs worth $57.25 million in 2022.

While football players are known for their travel schedules during the NFL season, Kelce has made Kansas City his home base and enjoys the comforts of his luxurious apartment and spacious home.

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