Anna Nicole Smith’s Borderline Personality Disorder

Food Consumer writes that Anna Nicole Smith had borderline personality disorder.

This explains the high-drama in her life plus some of the drugs she took.

BPD is characterized by a life full of conflict, eating disorders, family estrangement and more.

Frequently, sufferers resort to substance abuse, even suicide, trying to deal with their fear of abandonment, even feelings of rage.

Often, someone with the disorder will have experienced serious issues in childhood such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

In Anna Nicole’s case, childhood appears to have been a disaster (Associated Content).

Her half-sister Donna Hogan reported that their alcoholic father, Donald, abused them both and was a pedophile. He also abandoned them (Moono).

Following his departure, Anna Nicole was ferried back and forth between the care of her mother and an aunt.

Hogan reported during the custody battle over Smith’s daughter Dannielynn that Anna Nicole’s mother would not have been suitable to raise the child, suggesting that she was not a good mother.

To treat BPD, experts reveal that Anna Nicole Smith would have needed counseling to confront her painful, even terrifying past.

As happens with many victims of sexual abuse she went on to see her body as a commodity rather than valuing herself fully.

Donna described her as promiscuous and greedy, a claim borne out by her job as a stripper (where she changed from Vickie Hoigan to Anna Nicole), followed by a short marriage (where she gained the name Smith).

Donna reports that her marriage to octogenarian billionaire J. Howard Marshall III was a matter of security, though the Marshall family asserts her sole motive was greed.

Other Celebs With Possible Borderline Personality Disorder

The Casa Palmera website (a California Treatment Centre) posts an article stating that no celebrity has ever declared she has borderline personality disorder, but evidence has led them to form a list of possible candidates.

These are all female, and BPD is more prevalent among females. Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Angelina Jolie, Amy Winehouse and Lindsey Lohan all exhibit a long list of behaviors which could point to this mental illness.

With the exception of Love, each one has suffered from eating disorders. Jolie is the only one not to have substance abuse problems, though she publicly admitted to cutting herself.

Other items on the lists (though not applied to each woman) include self abuse, volatile relationships, inappropriate behavior and sexual confusion.

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