Casey Anthony’s Disturbing Family Secrets Devastate Her Parents

Is Casey Anthony a monster, not caring who she takes down to gain her freedom, or is she a victim of horrific sexual abuse by her father and brother inside a sick and twisted family?

Casey Anthony – is she a monster or a victim? This is what the jury is going to need to decide.

Her trial took a shocking turn this week with accusations about her father being the one to cover up little Caylee’s death after he found her dead in the backyard pool.

Casey contends that Caylee was a victim of drowning and her father orchestrated a cover-up, according to Reuters.

Along with this new development, Casey’s lawyer Jose Baez, said many disturbing family secrets will come out in this trial.

During his opening statements he talked about sexual abuse that Casey Anthony suffered at the hands of her father since she was 8 years-old.

He talked about Casey’s defense mechanism of pretending everything is fine, which she learned after years of abuse.

Baez said that at 13 Casey would go to school in the morning after performing oral sex on her father and pretend that nothing was wrong.

Baez also said that prosecutors tested Casey’s brother Lee’s DNA, to see if he was the father of the deceased child, alluding to the possibility that this brother and sister had sexual relations.

If these accusations are true, this is a disturbing picture of a family enmeshed in a sickness of the worst kind.

But are these accusations true, they are coming from Casey Anthony, who has already lied over and over again?

Casey’s parents are devastated at the new accusations that were presented in court and now all over the world in the media.

Are these people monsters, or is their daughter a very sick young woman hell bent on destroying anything she can to save herself?

She has lied time and time again to the police about the whereabouts of her daughter, Caylee when her grandmother first reported her missing.

Casey said she left Caylee with a babysitter who disappeared with her.

Then there is this young mother’s demeanor and attitude after her daughter died.

She moved in with her boyfriend, partied and went about life “happy” as her friends and ex-boyfriend described yesterday at the trial.

This behavior of Casey’s is explained by the defense attorney as a learned behavior because Casey had to pretend that everything is fine through the years of painful sexual abuse at home.

Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, waited a month before reporting their granddaughter missing to the police. Why the wait?

Was Casey this convincing that she had her parents also fooled? Or are they clearly the dysfunctional family in the picture that Casey is painting for the court, with now respect for human life? The judge and jury has a hard job ahead of them.

If it is the case the Casey is lying again about the sexual abuse she received at home, the reputation of her family is ruined.

Even if this is found to be all lies on Casey’s part, there will always be some who will believe there is some truth in this accusation.

If the death of this child was indeed a drowning covered up by George Anthony, then Casey is not a murderer.

To find the absolute truth out in this case has to be one of the hardest things any jury has been asked to do.

Casey’s parents are devastated by these recent statements made by their daughter.

Both George and Cindy Anthony were in court to hear these accusations made by Casey.

George sat stoned faced, while Cindy just listened. George took the stand after these accusations were made and denied it all.

He denied the story that Casey gave recalling Caylee’s death cover-up and he denied the sexual abuse accusations.

Casey said she came home on the morning of June 16th to find her father cradling Caylee in his arms by the pool, she had drown.

He yelled at Casey that this was her fault and said that she could go to prison for neglect for the child’s accidental drowning death.

He also said if her mother were to find out, she would never forgive Casey.

This is when the two, Casey and her father, covered up Caylee’s death by disposing her body, alleges the defense attorney.

Casey’s parents released a statement through their lawyer regarding their daughter accusations:

“George and Cindy Anthony are shocked and appalled that the defense would resort to lies about them in today’s opening statement.

Baez’s idle speculation today certainly are not facts. The only result achieved by the defense in this statement was to further hurt this grieving family.

George Anthony maintains that he never had anything to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony including what happened to her remains after she allegedly drowned.

The sworn testimony given today shows that he has never wavered about his knowledge regarding these events He, like the rest of the Anthony family, only seeks the truth about what happened to their granddaughter,” according to WTSP News 10 Tampa.

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