Chevrolet Introduces Internet Song Contest For Music Artists

Chevrolet has launched an open song contest for music artists on the Music Nation website.

For decades, many artists have featured Chevrolet and its cars in their songs. Until today, more than 600 songs mention Chevrolet in their lyrics.

Now, it’s your turn to become a star with the Chevrolet song contest

To help promising bands and singers get their creativity known, Chevrolet has launched the new open song contest on the internet platform.

Until February 19, bands or singers can upload their own songs to chevrolet musicnation. All song lyrics must include the word ‘Chevrolet’ or ‘Chevy’.

Between February 19 and the beginning of March, all entries from around the world will be judged by a jury composed of Chevrolet Europe executives and Music Nation representatives.

The lucky winner of the contest will be featured on the Chevrolet Legends CD: Volume 2. No fewer than 500,000 copies of this CD will be distributed.

Needless to say, the fans also have their chance to vote for their favorite entry. The number one of the public vote can expect a prize of $500.-GM Europe

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