‘Deadliest Catch’: Jake Anderson Married, ‘Wizard’ Greenhorn Goes Down

Happiness abounds with the marriage of Jake of the Northwestern, but there is still fishing to do on the Bering Sea–and it can be deadly.

Looks like Deadliest Catch bachelor Jake Anderson, fisherman on the Northwestern, is a bachelor no longer.

“:) bachelor Anderson’s party tonight getting Married on Saturday,” Captain Johnathan of the Time Bandit tweeted on May 10, following up later with, “Yes Sig is officiating wedding .

Yes I’m hurting from bachelor party and woke up with green hair.? yes I hope everyone has a great weekend!:),” on May 11.

And, a Say Yes to the Dress blog on TLC on May 9 confirmed the vows, as well, with an interview with Anderson’s bride, Jenna.

The two, she said, had been dating for almost four years, and his proposal was “perfect and romantic.”

“Well, it’s always an adventure,” she says of being with a Deadliest Catch fisherman. “Being engaged to Jake and having been with him for nearly 4 years, I have met incredible people whom I have grown close to. I have been able to travel and meet so many wonderful people/fans.

“Jake is a family man, loving, caring and driven; him being on Deadliest Catch is really just a neat perk that keeps our lives exciting and allows us to give back to the community in positive ways when he is home.

It’s always fun to watch him get recognized too when we are out and about—it’s an interesting reality to be with someone who is on TV.”

But, regardless of love, the fishing goes on, according to a tweet from Jake on May 13:

“Just got married 12 hours ago and I’m going fishing again. You sure some of you guys wanna be fisherman?”

Fishing does, indeed, go on, and tonight Captain Keith must deal with an extreme emergency with a greenhorn on the Wizard, reminding viewers that, yes, the show is not only real, it is as dangerous at it seems to be.

The greenhorn in question is Chris Scrambler, who tried to quit in last week’s episode, and whose resignation Captain Keither refused to take, sending him back out on deck.

Unfortunately, unlike many greenhorns who simply complain to be complaining, Chris goes into convulsions, which the crew assumes is from severe hydration.

The storyline will be unveiled over the next two weeks, according to Entertainment Weekly. It will be in the May 22 episode when Captain Keith calls the Coast Guard.

“I made the call almost instantaneously that it was beyond my control,” the captain told EW.

“I’ve had guys get hurt–head injuries, leg injuries, you name it, I’ve seen it. But never have I seen somebody go that far south that quickly.”

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