Does Quartz Stain?

Does quartz stain? This is a question most homeowners looking to invest in quartz countertops ask themselves. And it’s a crucial question to answer.

Popular Quartz brands make bold statements that their products are maintenance-free.

However, is quartz stain-resistant? The definitive answer is no since quartz has a resin top.

The resin reacts with the spilled liquid to form a stain unless you wipe off the spill immediately. Moreover, placing hot objects on a quartz surface also induces scorch marks.

 Read on to learn more about quartz stains and how to prevent them.

Does Quartz Stain?

Quartz countertops can stain, but their staining process differs from other stones like granite and marble. Let us look at what quartz is to understand its staining process better.

Quartz is an engineered stone alternative to marble and granite. Its composition comprises 90% to 95% quartz crystals and 10% to 5% polymer resins.

This resin composition is what makes quartz to be non-porous and also the cause of staining.

Stains arise when a spilled liquid is left on the quartz surface for a considerable time.

The fluid reacts with the resin leaving a visible or faint color.

How To Prevent Quartz From Staining

You can prevent your quartz countertops from staining by following simple procedures.

One is to ensure that you wipe away liquid spills immediately. Since falls are unforeseen, you can avoid having liquids near your quartz countertops. 

Secondly, you must avoid improper cleaning on your surfaces. Keep away from cleaners that have bleach or solvents like paint thinners and detergents. 

Thirdly, use trivets or trays to place your hot pans or pots, avoiding direct contact with the quartz top. Also, invest in a cutting board to prevent scratches on the countertops.


Wondering whether quartz stains could be puzzling because quartz brands say their products are maintenance-free.

All you have to note is that while quartz is stain resistant, it is not stain-proof. The good news is that you can prevent stains by wiping, proper cleaning, and avoiding direct hot contact.

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