Quartzite That Looks Like Carrara Marble

More homeowners want to make their kitchen surfaces stylish by using quartzite that looks like Carrara marble.

This natural stone gives your countertops a marble look without sacrificing sturdiness.

Carrara marble countertops look good in kitchens and bathrooms.

However, these marble tops have a hefty price tag and need extra maintenance.

You can avoid a heavy budget and maintenance schedule by getting a quartzite top that looks like Carrara marble.

The alternatives you can consider include the Taj Mahal, White Fantasy, White Princess, White Macaubas, and Calacatta Macaubas.

Read on more to learn about quartzite that looks like Carrara marble.

What Is Carrara Marble?

Mined in the Apuan quarries, the Carrara marble gets its name from the Italian mountainous areas of Carrara.

While the white Carrara marble is famous, other varieties are mined in the area.

Other varieties include Venato, Bianco Carrara, Cipollino Zebrino, Statuario, Arabescato, Calacatta, and Bardiglio.

You can distinguish these varieties by their veins and color shades.

The Carrara marble features a whitish-gray background and a delicate feathery veining pattern.

This veining pattern and color contrast make it easy to distinguish it from other marble types.

What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite is formed when pure quartz sandstone experiences heating, compression, and tectonic pressure.

This forces the grainy quartz crystals to recrystallize, making the rough sandstone glassy and smooth.

Quartzite features lenses and streaks caused by the migration of silica, iron oxide, clay, carbonate, and other cementing materials during the recrystallization process.

You can distinguish pure quartzite by its tone since it comes with a shade of gray to pristine white.

However, due to varying iron oxide concentrations, quartzite can come in a range of pink and red shades.

The quartzite can have yellow, green, blue, and orange shades if other mineral impurities are present.

The popular quartzites include Taj Mahea, Mother of Pearl, White Macaubas, and La Dolce Vita.

However, note that different quartzite fabricators will have unique names for these rock varieties, so ask about their degree of purity and sturdiness.

Quartzite That Looks Like Carrara Marble

1.) White Macaubas

The White Macaubas quartzite is often sold under names like Luna de Luce and Bianco Macaubas.

It features a creamy whitish look with pronounced gray and green veining.

2.) Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal offers a distinctive creamy background of soft white or off-white with brown and pale gold veining.

This quartzite that looks like Carrara marble is more expensive, but the beauty makes it worthwhile.

3.) White Fantasy

Also labeled as Super White, the White Fantasy quartzite is one of the famous marble alternatives most people seek. It features a soft white base and a distinctive gray veining pattern.

4.) White Princess

 Also sold as Princess White, the White Princess quartzite is another excellent marble alternative.

It features soft gray and white tones with a less pronounced veining pattern. 

5.) Calacatta Macaubas

The Calacatta Macaubas quartzite looks like the White Macaubas but has more veining and a darker tone.

The creamy white and darker veins give it a Calacatta marble look. 


While quartzite cannot compare to marble, you want a durable stone countertop that won’t scratch or etch.

The good news is that quartzite offers the same look as marble with more durability.

With the above information, you can choose the best quartzite that looks like Carrara marble. 

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