Dr. Oz Talks Oral Cancer Caused By HPV Virus From Oral Sex

Dr. Oz talks about the pandemic of oral cancer from the HPV virus, which is going undetected until later stages when it could be too late.

Dr. Oz talks about the new trend today where young adults and teens stay away from sexual intercourse thinking this alternative way is a safer way to go, but this is not so, says the popular doctor.

Oral cancer is deadly and on the rise, with the culprit being the human papilloma virus transmitted through oral sex. Woman are at high risk to contract HPV through relations such as this, according to Dr.Oz[s website.

HPV is the same virus that is responsible for the vast majority of cervical cancer in women. This wide spread problem will lead to death in one of four people with oral cancer. This happens because it was not diagnosed in time. This type ofl cancer is one of the easiest cancers to spot, diagnose and treat, so why are so many cases going undetected?

The typical oral cancer patient used to be a smoker and a drinker and twice as likely to have a case that is similar to that of Michael Douglas, who wasn’t diagnosed until late stage four cancer.

It is understandable why people don’t think to look for oral cancer when something goes amiss because the symptoms mimic other things, but unfortunately it seems that doctors do not either. This causes the diagnosis to be made late in the disease and sometimes when it is too late, causing unnecessary deaths.

Dr. Bert W. O’Malley, Jr M.D. Head and Neck Surgeon, tells Dr. Oz that HPV is not only on the rise, but it is now the number one cause of oral cancer. This needs to be taken seriously because it is truly a 21st-century pandemic.

HPV a sexually transmitted disease and the scary fact is that one out of every two people, is at risk of HPV infection. This is 50% of the population. The predominant mode of transmission for the HPV virus, which causes the oral cancer through this type of sexual relations.

Early detection is key to stop this pandemic in its tracks. The first line of defense is through dentists, says Dr. Jonathan Levine, DMD, Dentist and Oral Health Expert, who was a quest of Dr. Oz on his show. Dentists do not always offer an oral cancer screening, but it only takes a few minutes to check the patient and this quick screening can save lives.

What Are The Warming Signs?

A White Or Red Patch In Your Mouth Or A Sore That Won’t Heal

You might mistake it for a canker sore. A canker sore will start to go away in about seven to 10 days. After 14 days it’s a warning. Get it checked out

Sore Throat Or Ear Pain

The sore throat can be a common sign of many conditions. However, pain in the ear, not so common. Cancer related ear pain would be caused by the inflammation in the back of the throat and is typically only on one side, especially if it’s in combination with a sore throat. Two weeks is the key factor. After two weeks consult a physician.

Lump In Your Neck

This is a very common sign of HPV related cancers. The lump is actually a metastasis, a spreading out of the cancer from its original site such as the back of the throat to the lymph nodes in the neck. This would actually be an advanced stage.

Change In Voice Quality Or Hoarseness

Temporary hoarseness usually goes away in a couple days. After seven or eight days, if you’re still worse you should get it checked out. The hoarseness indicates you may be growing tumors on or around your vocal cord area.”

Dr. Oz Says This Is Something Everyone Needs To Do To Prevent Fatalities From Oral Cancer. Here Are The Steps He Suggests:

  • Demand an oral cancer screening with every dentist visit, but at least one a year.
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco use.
  • Limit exposure to UV radiation. Make sure your lip balm has a high SPF rating.
  • Practice safe sex. Dr. Oz say what he means. is that we need to change the way we had sex in America. Your sex partner must wear a condom throughout your entire sexual partnership or completely abstain from sex orally. The more we continually have transmission of HPV virus into the mouth, the more and more we will have these oral cancers showing up.”
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