Drop Dead Diva, Jane Unravels To ‘Unchained Melody’

Drop Dead Diva’s new season held promise that Jane and Grayson would find their way back to each other, but new guardian angel Luke just made certain that won’t happen, at least for now.

The departure of sweet guardian angel Fred has brought a less likable character to the show.

Luke replaced Fred in last week’s episode that kicked off season four of Drop Dead Diva and he asserted himself immediately on the subject Grayson and Jane. Fred departs and Jane mourns

The premise of Drop Dead Diva is pretty simple. Jane Bingum woke up after open heart surgery a few years ago and was no longer herself in spirit.

She embodied the person of Deb, a young blonde aspiring model who had died in an ugly automobile crash.

Jane’s knowledge base of the law remained and she continued her career as a trial lawyer in a downtown Los Angeles firm, but she had the personality and the memory of Deb, including her love for Grayson.

Grayson works in the same firm as Jane and guardian angel Fred explained the rules of the road to Jane in the series debut. If she wanted to remain alive — no telling Grayson who she really is. Recap of season three finale and Grayson’s search for the truth

If Grayson is meant to love Jane as she is now, a plus-size attractive and super smart lawyer, with touches of Deb around the edges, then it is the fairytale ending for Jane. But under no circumstances can Jane hint of or tell Grayson of the truth.

Now that includes being unable to confirm Grayson’s creeping suspicions that Deb is embodied in Jane Bingum.

He was led down that path by Stacy BFF of Jane who did so at the conclusion of last season.

When in last night’s episode, Grayson insists on meeting up with Jane to test his theory and the information he has gotten about the coincidence of Jane and Deb’s hospitalizations occurring on the same day, Jane is ready to let him know the truth.

She is stopped and threatened by angel Luke who reminds Jane that Grayson almost died in a car accident the last time he came close to learning the truth.

An alarming and chilling thought for Jane who again understands that she will be unable to unburden herself and regain her loving relationship with Grayson…at least at this point.

The conclusion of last night’s program was sad and moving.

Grayson takes Jane to the place he and Deb loved, orders wine and requests the pianist at the bar to play Deb’s favorite song to cry to, “Unchained Melody.”

It is to the strains of that song, which played a huge role in the film “Ghost” that Jane must lie as she is looking at the former love of her life.

She tells Grayson that she hates the song and ridicules the scene in “Ghost” when the characters are holding the pottery being made as clay takes shape on the wheel.

Jumping in just in time is new love interest Owen, who angel Luke has sent to the bar, stealing Jane’s phone to text him.

As Grayson is away from the table getting the wine, he sees Jane and Owen in a sweet exchange.

Jane’s face is turned away from Grayson and after striking out with “Unchained Melody” while viewing Jane getting close to Owen, Grayson’s hopes are dashed.

What Grasyon doesn’t see is Jane is gently weeping to the music, but unbeknownst to Owen she is crying because of how she had to lie to Grayson and rebuff his attempts to reconnect with Deb, buried inside Jane.

Once again our heroine is left conflicted, told by angel Luke to move on and leave Deb behind.

Owen is her present, Grayson is her past and yet Jane/Deb longs to complete what was to be a beautiful love story.

Luke’s tactics, while similar to those of the dear departed Fred just seem more harsh and unkind.

When Jane rebuffed his request to move in with her and roommate Stacy to occupy Fred’s old room Luke buys their apartment building, and in the guise of the landlord gets Stacy outfitted for a new convection oven.

The sad story of Grayson and Jane continues.

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